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Roosa Sofia Nirhamo

The class will start by opening up all the senses by acknowledging and directing the breath which is then connected to the movement itself. Roosa works with the fusion of fluidity and groundness and the mixture of strength and softness. The class focuses on level transitions – going from the floor, all the way up to standing work, while keeping fluidity and working with the momentum of movements. She puts importance to the directional changes of movement and weight, as well as shifting the focus from the inner body to the outer space.


Roosa Sofia Nirhamo is a Finnish dancer/performing artist based in Berlin. Her dance training consists of contemporary and modern dance techniques, improvisation and floorwork. She started her dance-education in Helsinki Dance Academy and continued to DANCEWORKS berlin, where she received her major in contemporary dance in 2018. Since then she has been working as a member of Harake Dance Company in dance productions around Europe and Middle-East and collaborated as a freelancer with other dancers, musicians, photographers, film makers and fashion designers. She is the co-founder of Accent, a dance platform for dancers from different backgrounds to exchange their artistic visions and in October 2020 she joined the art collective Chaos Emblematic. Roosa has taught professional company classes for Harake Dance Company, contemporary and modern classes at Footsteps dance studios and partnering and contemporary classes in Al Amal dance school in Nazareth.

photo: Christian Dirks