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Charlotte Brohmeyer


The class is about floorwork, upside down elements, dancing together, and enjoying the music we
dance with. We will focus on using the hands and arms to find the connection to the partner and to
the floor. We will explore the creativity in handstands, cartwheels and more acrobatic movements,
aiming to get more freedom in our personal way of moving which will gradually develop into
movement patterns that connect the single movements into a flow of movement. We will challenge
our speed, articulation and stamina.


Charlotte Brohmeyer is a energetic and powerful dancer currently living in Berlin. She studied dance in
Cologne and scenic research in Bochum. As a dancer she worked with several choreographers such
as Omar Rajeh, Guy Nader, Niels Weijer, Toula Limnaios and Reut Shemesh. She is Co-founder of
the make a move collective and she also creates her own choreographic works, mostly in
collaboration with musicians and filmmakers. Furthermore, she teaches contemporary and
partnering classes as well as Pilates. Her movement language is inspired by partner dances and
acrobatics. https://www.makeamovecollective.com