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Anna Katalin Nemeth

THE SPACE IN_BETWEEN is a research method and a highly physical contemporary dance class that offers practical tools and approaches for opening one’s own creative performing presence as well as ways of sharing these between two or more individuals.

The class is built with playful coordination- and strength-challenging exercises that evolve into dynamic phrases as well as into improvisation. The class is inspired by martial arts techniques as well as by folk dances.
The technical fine tuning section of the class will focus on the conscious understanding and use of the spiral structure of the body through the Bio-Tensegrity Method as well as working with weight changes, moving between balance and off balance.
The improvisation section will explore the law of action and reaction and the Flow experience: embracing our understanding of the relation between the physical, mental and emotional states in movement and performance.

Conscious breathing and the careful observance of our own rhythm and that of those around us lays the ground to explore the control and management of our own energy and that which surrounds us. 
We become familiar with concepts such as moving by necessity, trust, risk, presence and sensitivity.

Gained skills:
Improved trust in oneself and in others
Improvisation techniques for dance and movement
Increased awareness of strengths, weaknesses, limits and limitations
Improved consciousness of breath and energy
Widening of range of movement understanding
Increased ability to ‘switch on’ the joy of play

Heightened sensitivity to non-verbal communication 




Anna Katalin Nemeth
Anna grew up in Hungary. Since her childhood, she has been obsessed with the pure human body, its liberation through movement, the exploration of the unknown, by taking risks and by improvising with her surroundings. She became a dancer, choreographer and researcher. Investing through the physical approach of dance to the philosophical approach of the understanding of human relations, as well as the fluency of body and material. The Space In_Between creative movement practice and pedagogical method is the outcome of her investigation. It functions as a source for her artistic work, inviting others for collaboration on further creative explorations.

After studying for three years with the Budapest Dance Theater company and graduating from the University of Dance, Hungary she continued her education at the University of Dance, Lisbon and after at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance), where she has worked with choreographers such as Milla Koinstinnen, Roberto Olivan, Victoria P. Miranda, Bostjan Antoncic, Rakesh Sukesh, Teresa Ranieri and Rui Lopes Graca. After graduating from SEAD, she became an active member of the NGO Dancers without Borders in Berlin, working in various art projects with strong social-political and educational engagement. These experiences made her realise her own artistic potential and responsibilities. She brought her focus to offering access to the basic human rights of health and happiness through movement, to empower human connections, to resist all forms of oppression, to create space for integration and the discussion of the philosophical questions of freedom through dance and art.

She has worked with various artists whose work aligns with the above mentioned ideologies, such as Be van Vark, Constanza Macras, Sven Seeger, Dr. Caroline Vains, Nevin Aladag and the Berlin-based Grupo Oito, founded by Ricardo de Paula. After graduating with an MA in Choreography from HfS Ernst Busch/HZT Berlin, Anna has continued to collaborate with artists sharing similar interests, both nationally and internationally. Her creations has been shown in Berlin (DE), Salzburg (AU), Wroclaw (PL), Budapest (HU) and Barcelona (ES).