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Hoyoung Im

Contemporary / Impro

Contemporary / Impro



Hoyoung Im is a Performer, Contemporary Dance Instructor, Musician and Visualizer. He studied Cinema & Theatre, BA of Art in Seoul, South Korea. He has been working with theatre company, ‘Elephant Manbo’ and an art director of art project group, ‘UmZikßi’. As an Actor he has worked with National Theater Company of Korea, Die SUUM and DO Theater. In 2013, Hoyoung won the award from KUFF as Best Actor in 2013. As a Visual Artist, he got a Honorable Mention from Los Angeles Fear and Fantasy Film Festival with his debut film <Welcome>, which he wrote, directed and played in. He has visualized various works in art: which are Films, Photo- and Videography Works and also Stage Light. As a Musician, Hoyoung has officially published one Album and an EP. Moreover, as a Sound Designer he has worked with Erol Alexandrov, Anastasija Bräuniger and Elephant Manbo.
As a Contemporary Dance Instructor, he has organized his workshop series, <Improvisation: Yin & Yang>, <Eastern Floorwork> and <Momentum in Space> in Europe and South Korea.

Hoyoung has trained Tae Kwon Do(Korean martial arts), Korean Traditional Dance, Ashtanga Yoga, Popping Dance and Acrobatic moves. He combined his movement into contemporary dance with eastern philosophies; Taoism and Buddhism, and Martial Arts. With his various back ground, his unique improvisational and choreographic movement will enrich the capacity of western grounded dancers.

Class Video: https://youtu.be/-KlTCoW21NM
Training Moments: https://instagram.com/explore/tags/tanz_hoy/


20.30 - 22.00 Uhr
DOCK 11 Saal1