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Hoyoung Im

Improvisation: Yin & Yang

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*** Improvisation: Yin & Yang ***

Yin & Yang, dunkel und hell, negativ und positiv, Unordnung und Ordnung, Zusammenbruch und Aufbau, Winter und Sommer.

Du legst das Yin: den natürlichen Instinkt und das Yang: die Kontrolle, in deine beiden Hände. Ziel ist es die beiden in Harmonie zusammen zu führen. Wenn du von einem zu viel hast, wirst du sehr unwissenschaftlich. Wenn du vom anderen zu viel hast, wirst du ganz plötzlich zu einem mechanistischen Wesen.

Die Improvisationsmethode, die in diesem Kurs Anwendung findet, ist eine erfolgreiche Kombination aus beidem. Sie ist nicht allein natürliche oder unnatürliche Bewegung. Das Ideal ist eine Bewegung natürlicher Unnatürlichkeit und unnatürlicher Natürlichkeit. Dein Tanzen ist frei und scheinbar unstrukturiert, inspiriert durch alltägliche Einflüsse und Tanzpraktiken. Der Kurs bietet die Möglichkeit durch die Methode von Yin & Yang die Kapazitäten deines Körpers zu erweitern.


Yin & Yang, dark and bright, negative and positive, disorder and order, collapse and build, winter and summer.
You put the Yin: natural instinct and Yang: control on your each hands. You are to combine the two in harmony. If you have one to the extreme, you will be very unscientific. If you have another to the extreme, then you become all of sudden a mechanical man. This improvisation method is a successful combination of both. It’s not pure movement of naturalness or unnaturalness. The ideal is unnatural naturalness movement or natural unnaturalness movement.
Your dancing is a free, seemingly unstructured, less technically strict and impulsive form that draws inspiration from everyday dance practices and influences. In this class you can enlarge your capacity of body with the method of Yin & Yang.


Hoyoung Im is a South Korean Performer, Musician and Videographer. He graduated from Seoul, South Korea, Cinema & Theatre, BA of Art. One of the member of theatre company, ‘Elephant Manbo’ and an art director of art project group, ‘UmZikßi’. As an actor Hoyoung has worked with Dong-Hyun Kim from Elephant Manbo, National Theater Company of Korea and Evgeny Kozlov from DO Theater. In 2013, Hoyoung got a price from KUFF as a Best Actor. Not only an actor, but also Hoyoung has worked as a videographer, in 2012, he got a price from Los Angeles Film Festival as a director and actor with his debut film ‘Welcome’. He has visualized many diverse area of art; Photo- and Videography, Stage light design. As a musician Hoyoung published an alternative electronic music album, called <PHENOMENA> and <Green Wild>. Since 2017, he started his career in Berlin, Germany. Inspirations from own philosophy; a state of from Human being, thrown into this world. Currently he aims to collaborate with other various gernes, rather than the traditional form of performance. He is striving to create the mixing analogue and digital with the sharp theatrical, political and personal questions. Nowadays, he has been teaching many studios in Seoul and Europe. Such as Dock 11 Berlin, Papplion Tanz Studios, motion*s Tanz- und Bewegungsstudio, Movement Masterclass, Flow Village Zurich, Tanzbüro Basel, 배우는 사람들 and Dramastudio Seoul.

20.30 - 22.00 Uhr
DOCK 11 Saal1