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Michal Hirsch

My classes are very much focused on building strength and versatility through different dynamics of moving and flow of movement. I was brought up on the traditional Modern technique of Martha Graham and Ballet, and received classes in the Cunningham, Limon and Horton techniques. The essence of these Modern techniques are the base to my teaching, and I have developed my language and teaching method with much influence from them… and yet I have felt the need to focus on a contemporary physicality, which also includes a more athletic dynamic, flow, the use of the floor in transferring weight with all body parts and on all levels, meaning: floor, standing and the in-between floor and standing, falling and quick transition from floor to standing and vice versa.
Flow of movement and musicality are very important elements in my work, understanding dynamics of all kinds, and qualities with the very strong element of “ground”. In my dance sequences all level of height is used and explored in movement. The dancer is challenged technically, physically, but is also given space to use the tools that were learnt for his/hers personal artistry. 



Michal Hirsch

Studied dance at the Bat-Dor studios in Tel-Aviv. BA & teachers’ certificate from the Dance Academy in Jerusalem.
1985-1991 Dancer in the Bat-Dor Company, and rehearsal director.
1991-2009 I worked and lived in Germany (Mannheim, Cologne), working as a Contemporary dance, Improvisation teacher and rehearsal director in the Academy for Music and Dance Cologne. Teaching in dance companies and performing as a dancer and actress.
Since 2009 Based in Tel-Aviv, working as a Contemporary teacher in the Arts college of Seminar Hakibutzim, and teaching dance students, teacher courses and actor students as well as rehearsal director and freelance dancer and choreographer. A member of the evaluation committee for Outstanding Dancer and America-Israel Cultural Foundation.