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SOUN D ANCE Festival Performer

Parallel zum SOUN D ANCE Festival im DOCK11 leiten unterschiedliche Performer des Festivals das Profitraining. Fokus des Trainings ist Instant Composition und die Verbindung von Klang und Tanz.


10. - 14.07. Jenny Haack (10.,11.7.) Ingo Reulecke (12.7.), Mata Sakka (13.,14.7.)
17. - 21.07. Collective ONE:THIRD
24. - 28.07. Mata Sakka (24., 25., 26.7.), Stefania Petracca (Collective one:third) (27.,28.7.)


Jenny Haack
10. - 11.07.2017

Improvisation in Performance | Levels of attention

In these 2 classes, we approach movement from a performance perspective, focussing on parameters of space, time, duration, texture and quality.
Intuition, a sense of play and our compositional mind as a guide will lead us in our dances; drawing our awareness on following or shifting our attention from inner to outer input and stimulus in sound and movement.

In den 2 Sessions thematisieren wir Improvisation in Performance entlang der Gegebenheiten von Raum, Zeit, Dauer und Bewegungsmodus.
Intuition, Neugier und ein spielerischer Sinn für Bewegung unterstützen unser kompositorisches Gespür im Tanz und öffnen die verschiedenen Möglichkeiten, kompositorische Entscheidungen schnell und im Moment zu treffen.
Unsere Aufmerksamkeit richtet sich nach innen und außen.

Ingo Reulecke

The focus of the classes is to prime the mind and body so that they can function smoothly together to their full potential through dance, language and sound, and then composing with these performative aspects in time and space. We will work as a group with real-time composition, which involves shared responsibility and a great level of consciousness and awareness. Our attention needs to be refocused time and time again, connected to our listening in the widest sense of the word. I believe that awareness of ourselves, the movement of our partner or the group is an essential capacity and quality in improvisation. We will take this topic further by means of scores in which we watch and are being watched. This approach offers a wonderful tool to dance and perform without losing oneself. As we work with these performance tools in a relaxed atmoshere we will be furthering our individual qualities while at the same time developing the relationship with our partner and the group. Most of the time are musicians accompanying the process.



Mata Sakka
13., 14.7. and 24., 25., 26.7.

The art of walking - from walking to dancing and dancing while walking

“Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be
walking in a garden to know it.” Rumi

The art of walking
Walking is the most natural thing we do, almost as natural as breathing.
A well practiced body action, since the beginning of one’s life.
No walking is ever the same as the other.
How someone walks is as unique as their fingerprints
Walking is an imprint of one’s physical posture, condition, and emotional state
There are lots of Somatic Techniques that use the
Gait (a person’s manner of walking)
as a tool for diagnosis of physical or psychological ailments
In our research, we revisit walking,
we get connected with our unique imprint through
Conscious walk, breaking down the pattern of walking
Thrust- Suspend- Transferring Weight- Arrive.
Using imagery and skeletal understanding.
Walking alone and in groups as a tool of communication.
Meditating while we do moving Qigong (a slow way of walking)
After all our aim is for the walking to become dancing,
and be transformed into a conscious tool of play and expression
“Dancing is like walking, only a bit more complex”


Class/ Collective ONE:THIRD
17. - 21. Juli, 27.+28.7.

Annukka Hirvonen, Stefania Petracca, Justyna Kalbarczyk, Roberta Ricci, Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen, Sarah Jegelka


This improvisation based training offers a space to explore the multi-faceted awareness of a dancer/ performer in a holistic, playful manner. A physical warm-up leads us into an exploration of movement qualities, dynamics, interaction and listening through individual research, group work and partnering. The work invites us to inhabit and to challenge our personal, authentic qualities, gradually building towards instant composition, little “stories” in space, which we will participate and observe. All these tasks serve as instruments to reach a certain field where our personal presence, with its own specific language, is engaged and allowed to express itself.


Collective ONE: THIRD explores the most natural form of human communication in front of audiences and ourselves - a laboratory of real life. We are a group of professional dancers from a diverse array of countries and cultural backgrounds.
Through our work we want to share this diversity and exchange our research on own individual movement, through one common language: instant composition. We try to listen to an instinctive voice that leads us to connect with ourselves and then to others.
Every new context hides a variety of new constellations, vibes and flavours of life. The Moments that arise from these constellations we share in front of the watching eye.
Movement is the catalyst for further movement. We react organically to one another, absorbing and transmitting energy. This connection of different bodies and textures is what unites this group, and yet our individual diversity remains.





Jenny Haack studied New Dance and Improvisation at Bewegungsart School Freiburg (1997-99). Throughout her career, she has practiced various movement and dance techniques such as Contact Improvisation and Butoh. A broad movement palette of expression is her core focus as an artist. She holds a bachelors and masters degree of Fine Arts in performance and video. Since 1996 she has been producing and presenting her own projects as well as in collaboration with other artists. Her artistic work has received international recognition, awards, grants and honors.
In 2013, she founded b.arts.u - berlin arts united, a non-profit organisation which she has been directing since then.

Jenny Haack / Tanz, Choreografie (D/Berlin)
- Ausbildung in New Dance und Improvisation 1997-99, Bewegungsart Freiburg
- Studium Freie Kunst, Diplom und Meisterschülerin in Performance und Video, HBK Braunschweig
Jenny produziert ihre eigenen Projekte, Solo und in Kooperation mit anderen Künstlern. 
Ihre Werke erhielten internationale Anerkennung, Stipendien und Auszeichnungen. 
2013 gründete sie die gemeinnützige Organisation b.arts.u - berlin arts united und verantwortet u.a. die Festivals Improvisation XChange Berlin (2013 - 2016) und das SOUN D ANCE Festival 2017 im DOCK11. www.jennyhaack.de


Ingo Reulecke 
Nach seiner zeitgenössischen Tanzausbildung studiert Reulecke Choreografie an der Hochschule für Schauspielkunst ,,Ernst Busch“ (HFS). 2006-2013 übernimmt er an der HFS die Leitung der Abt. Tanz. Von 2006-2012 wird er in das Direktorium des „HZT Berlin“ gewählt. Seit vielen Jahren konzentriert sich Reulecke in seinen künstl. Arbeiten primär auf Echtzeitkompositionen mit Live-Musik und arbeitet mit diversen Musikern zusammen. Ein wesentlicher Bereich seiner Arbeit ist die starke Naturanbindung und damit einhergehend verschiedenste interdisziplinare Projekte in urbanen Raumen, wie Naturraumen.

lngo Reulecke studied choreography at the college of the art „Ernst Busch“ Berlin after completing his training in contemporary dance. In 2009: co-production w/ L. Matthaei for ”2109″. 2009: cooperation with the Iranian director Ayat Najafi for ”Lady Teheran“. 2010: ‚Sender Weimar‘ (Kunstfest Weimar) in cooperation w/ Lukas Matthaei. Since 2005 Reulecke has a professorship in choreography and is heading the dance department at the college of the arts „Ernst Busch“ Berlin. From 2006-2012: directorship in the co-operative dance education centre Berlin (HZT). www.ingoreulecke.com


Collective ONE:THIRD
Justyna Kalbarczyk is based in Wroclaw; graduated from NSCD. She won ‘Das Beste Deutsche Tanz Solo’ 2013 in Leipzig. Co-founder of One:Third collective. She works frequently with Mikolaj Mikolajczyk (‘Fire Bird’, ‘Ksenofonia’, ‘Lomatko’), Blenard Azizaj (‘Fleeting Feathers). She works as an actress in Czytelnia Dramatu ('Ony'). She worked for Shannon Gillen Lipinski and Miquel G. Font. She took part in a film production by Alicja Hoppel ’Pathetique' screened at ‘ScreenDance Festival' in Stockholm. Justyna creates her own stand-up dance comedy’s; ‘‘Last minute panic’ and ‘How similar I am to your grandma’. 

Justyna Kalbarczyk aus Wroclaw machte ihren Abschluss beim NSCD. 2013 gewann sie den Preis für 'Das beste Deutsche Tanz Solo'. Sie ist Mitbegründerin des Tanzensembles One:Third. Sie arbeitet regelmässig mit Mikolaj Mikolajczyk (‘Fire Bird’, ‘Ksenofonia’, ‘Lomatko’) und Blenard Azizaj (‘Fleeting Feathers). Sie arbeitet als Schauspielerin in Czytelnia Dramatu ('Ony'). Sie arbeitet für Shannon Gillen Lipinski and Miquel G. Font. Sie war Teil einer Filmproduktion von Alicja Hoppel ’Pathetique' (gezeigt beim ‘ScreenDance Festival' Stockholm). Justyna erstellt ihre eigenen stand-up dance comedy’s; ‘‘Last minute panic’ und ‘How similar I am to your grandma’. 

Stefania Petracca, originally from Italy, is a Berlin-based dancer. She graduated from C.I.M.D. of Franca Ferrari in Milan in 2008, where she received a degree in Dance, Teaching and Choreography. During this time, she studied under the guidance of various teachers like Dominique Dupuy, Hervé Diasnas, Company Blu, Piera Pavaniello, Axis Syllabus. She worked with many different companies based in Milan and Tuscany. She currently works as a freelance artist, dancer and teacher. 

Stefania Petracca wurde in Italien geboren und lebt nun in Berlin. 2008 machte sie ihren Abschluss als Tänzerin, Lehrerin und Choreografin bei C.I.M.D. of Franca Ferrari in Milan ab. Dort studierte sie bei Dominique Dupuy, Hervé Diasnas, Company Blu, Piera Pavaniello und Axis Syllabus. Sie arbeitetete mit verschiedenen Tanzensembles in Mailand und der Toskana. Momentan arbeitet sie als freischaffende Künstlerin, Tänzerin und Lehrerin.

Annukka Hirvonen was born in Oulu, Finland, where she since childhood first studied music and then dance, finishing her Master of Arts in Education in the University of Oulu 2009. In 2011 she moved to The Netherlands to complete her diploma as a dancer/ performer in Fontys Dance Academy, Tilburg. In the NL she danced with choreographers such as Pia Meuthen, Peter Jasko, Katja Grässli, Floortje Doeksen & Liat Waysbort. An internship with Cie.Toula Limnaios brought her to Berlin in 2013. Currently her personal research is focused on improvisation/ instant composition. She regularly teaches dance & yoga in Berlin.

Annukka Hirvonen, geboren in Oulu, Finnland, studierte zunächst Musik und dann Tanz. Sie machte ihren Master of Arts 2009 an der Universität von Oulu. 2011 zog sie in die Niederlande um ihr Diplom als Tänzerin / Performerin an der Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg zu beenden. In den Niederlanden arbeitete sie mit Pia Meuthen, Peter Jasko, Katja Grässli, Floortje Doeksen und Liat Waysbort. Ein Praktikum bei Cie.Toula Limnaios brachte sie 2013 nach Berlin. Im Moment konzentriert sich ihre persönliche Arbeit auf Improvisation / Instant Composition. Sie unterricht Tanz und Yoga in Berlin.

Roberta Ricci grew up in Messina ,Italy . She graduated in Contemporary dance and Performative arts at ” Movimento Danza” of Naples ( IT), and attended the professional course for contemporary dance Modem Atelier run by Compagnia Zappalà. Graduated in Philosophy as well. As a freelance dancer she worked with different companies around Europe, producing various performances and choreographies as well. She is currently living in Berlin, where she works as a freelance dancer and teacher of Contemporary Dance. Co/founder of "ROW Project" , Co/founder of “One third” in Berlin. 

Roberta Ricci wuchs in Messina ,Italien auf. Sie schloss ihr Studium in Contemporary dance und Performative arts am "Movimento Danza” in Naples ( IT) ab und besuchte Kurse für professionelle zeitgenössische Tänzer am Modem Atelier unter der Leitung von Compagnia Zappalà. Auch schloss sie ein Studium der Philosophie ab. Als freischaffende Tänzerin arbeitet sie mit verschiedenen Compagnien in ganz Europa, auch als Produzentin verschiedener Performances und Choreografien. Momentan lebt sie in Berlin und arbeitet als freischaffende Tänzerin und Lehrerin zeitgenössischen Tanzes. Sie ist Co/founder von "ROW Project" und "One third”.

Sarah Jegelka is a professional dancer based in Berlin. Sarah likes to find new ways of connecting and expressing different arts through movement. Fascinated by the notion of touching the unconscious inherent in movement, she has chosen to further her research in the area of instant composition and mind-body connection studying new spiritual psychologies and approaches. 

Sarah Jegelka arbeitet und lebt als zeitgenössische Tänzerin in Berlin. Besonders interessiert ist sie darin, verschiedene Künste in Bewegung auszudrücken und zu verbinden. Fasziniert vom
unbewussten Erbe des Körpers, vertieft sie ihre Arbeit in Instant Composition und beschäftigt sich mit der Verbindung von Leib & Seele sowie neuen spirituellen, psychologischen Ansätzen. 

Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen was born in Copenhagen where she started her dance studies at the Ballet Academy Copenhagen. At the age of 17 she decided to explore the contemporary direction and go to Iwansson International School of Contemporary Dance in Munich. Since then she's been working as a dancer and choreographer in Europe and Africa with choreographers as Dali Touiti, Jiri Killian, Stephan Dreher, Ilona Roth, Joao Cidade, Corinna Speith & others. She is co-founder of the dance film collective ziz.cie and she is currently based in Berlin.

Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen wurde in Kopenhagen geboren, wo sie ihr Tanzstudium an der Ballettakademie Kopenhagen begann. Im Alter von 17 Jahren beschloss sie, in die zeitgenössische Richtung zu gehen und studierte an der Iwansson International School of Contemporary Dance in München. Seitdem arbeitet sie als Tänzerin und Choreografin in Europa und Afrika mit Choreografen wie Dali Touiti, Jiri Killian, Stephan Dreher, Ilona Roth, Joao Cidade, Corinna Speith und anderen. Sie ist Mitbegründerin des Tanzfilms Kollektiv ziz.cie. Edith lebt derzeit in Berlin.

Mata Saka is a mother of two, dancer, teacher, movement therapist and massage therapist She was born in Larisa, was raised in Athens and now living in Berlin since 2002. She finished her dance education with a BFA in Dance education and Movement Studies at the Performing Arts Center, Southeastern College in Athens. After a scholarship from the National State Foundation of Greece, (IKY) and a scholarship from the Merce Cunningham foundation in New York, she obtained her degree in the Cunnigham technique, danced repertory work and began teaching the technique at the Merce Cunningham studio. She has performed works amongst others, by Horeftes, Metakinisi, Dimitris Papaioanou, Stephan Koplowitz, Bryan Hayes, Liz Gerrin, Veronika Riz, Editta Braun, MS Schrittmacher, Jan Pusch, Cocoon dance, Ingo Reulecke, La Fura dels Baus, Juan Kruz de Garaio Esnaola, Davide Camplani, Felix Ruckert and William Forsythe in various cities worldwide. She has presented her own choreographies, in Athens, New York, Berlin, Potsdam, Bonn and Paris Mata improvises dances regularly in Berlin through "Freistill" in Tanzfabrik and collaborates often with “Quartet- Musiktanz 030" Her most recent creation was a multidisciplinary improvisation work together with Jungsun Kim and 27 artists from different disciplines, for the project "inc.lusive" in Dock11, Berlin Mata joined the ensemble of Sasha Waltz & Guests in August 2005 and dances in the choreographies »Gezeiten«, »Medea«, «Jagden und Formen (Zustand 2008)», »Continu«, «Metamorphoses», «Matsukaze», «Sacre» and «Tanhäuser» She took part in numerous «Dialogues» and was part of the
«MusicTANZ Carmen» Educational program of the Berliner Philharmonie Mata has taught Cunningham technique, Release Technique, Improvisation and Repertory work from Sasha Waltz in different cities and schools such as: Merce Cunningham Studio, NY, Danceworks, Berliner Philharmonie, Dock 11, TanzFabrik, Radial System, Berlin, Duncan Dance School, Athens- Trinity Laban, London Mata works since many years together with Davide Camplani and Gabriel Galindez Cruz for the children`s dance company of Sasha Waltz & Guests in Radial system She teaches regularly workshops and was twice invited to teach a dance workshop and lead the dance repetition of "Women" an excerpt from Sasha Waltz piece “Continu" in Trinity-Laban center, London One of her recent collaborations was with Tino Sehgal in the pieces "Yet untitled" and "This Variation” in Stedeljik museum, Amsterdam and Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin


Lisanne Goodhue is a Canadian dancer and choreographer based in Berlin since 2011. Graduated in both classical and contemporary dance, and in visual arts in Montreal Canada, she works in various cities around Europe. She is active in the Berlin improvisation dance scene, being a guest artist in various events and is a close collaborator of German choreographer Sebastian Matthias since 2009. Her choreographic work investigates the influence of visual art on the experience of the viewer and has been presented in Europe and Québec. She collaborates with Grapeshade since 2015.