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Ichi Go


The vision. This is what I want to see through dance. It’s visible.Actually everything is visible. So we can’t hide anything when we are in front of audience.
When I dance, I found,
“The soul makes me dance, not I do.
Any moment I should not give any space for ego. This is what I focus on“
So what we need to prepare? I’d like to suggest to focus on our energy and emotions. It starts telling our own stories. For that, we need imagination. We need practice. What we imagine would happen, you can travel in the space, can connect to the earth immediately. With a clear vision, it makes totally different quality in movement. I will suggest minimum choreograph or structure based on improvisation and expression. And I observe each personal movement and give you feedback. It’s a conversation. You could use your own language of body. We observe each other to fined connection between movement and ourselves. I’d like to make a playground and we could play in it and explore our own way.

Selection of Work

2014/Berlin 24,25,27.June "cabdance"/Kadir”Amigo”Meims,Jecko Siompo /HAU1 06.Sep.”Die T-House Tour#1" /NOVOFLOT/Radialsystem V 18-21.25-28.Sep. "Mi-Lai ミライ(Future)”/TEN PEN CHii Art Labor/DOCK11 GmbH 16-19.Oct.”Die T-House Tour#2"/NOVOFLOT/ Volksbüne Berlin 26.Oct.Solo Dane Performance "DAZWISCHEN" with Kadir"Amigo"Meims / Botschaft der Republik Indonesien 28.Nov.Commercial film"BMW i. Born Electric"/Recorder GmbH 20.Dec.”Motofuji Ein T-Movie”/Short movie in Marzahn/NOVOFLOT 2015/Berlin 16-18.Jan.”Die T-House Tour#4"/NOVOFLOT/Akademie Der Künste am Pariser Platz 30.Jan.-1.Feb.”Die T-House Tour#5"/NOVOFLOT/Radialsystem V (Holzmarktstraße 33, 10243 Berlin) 20.21.Jun. "Micro Revolution"/JSR Company Judith Sánchez Ruíz/Kunsthaus ACUD 10.-21.Aug.Teaching Contemporary Professional class/ DOCK11 GmgH 24.-27.Sep.”ASO-Bi(Spiel)”/TEN PEN CHii Art Labor/DOCK11 GmbH 28.Nov. Winner of the “OUTBOX ME Fusion Dancebattle 4 “/"studiobühne - alte feuerwache"