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Rosalind Masson

IMPRINTS - If our selves are partly composed of a myriad of experiential imprints, what is the context that creates and/or determines those imprints?

We begin the class with exercises to strengthen and tone the body. This develops into co-ordination, body rhythm exercises and the use of gravity within movement sequences. At the end we focus on choreographic sequences from 'No-Man's Land' - Rosalind's most recent work. Taking part in the course gives more energy and relaxation for the weekend and coming week. The aim of the course is a better body awareness and deeper understanding of the possibilities of one's own physicality.

Wir beginnen dem Unterricht mit Übungen, die den Körper stärken und formen.Wir fahren mit Koordination, Körper-Rhythmus-Übungen und Nutzung der Schwerkraft im zeitgenössischen Bewegungsabläufe fort. Am Ende fokussieren wir choreografischeTanzübungen. Die Teilnahme an dem Tanzkurs gibt mehr Energie und Entspannung für das Wochenende und die kommende Woche. Ziel des Kurses ist ein verbessertes Körpergefühl und ein tieferes Verständnis für die Fähigkeiten der eigenen Physis zu erhalten.

Rosalind graduated from London Contemporary Dance school in 2006 and completed a Masters Degree from DJCAD in Media Arts in 2008. In 2009, she worked at Movement Research in New York. From 2008 – 2013, she collaborated as performer and choreographer in rock, folk and contemporary music as well as performing in the work of visual artists, dance film-makers and choreographers in Germany, the U.K and the U.S. In 2010, she began producing her own choreographic work under the title Anima(l)[us]. She has directed and produced nine live works and five works for screen which have been shown internationally. In 2014, she joined Laborgras collective based in Berlin, creating and performing in four new works under the title “The Renaissance Project”. She became vice-chair of Neisse Centre for Contemporary Art in 2019, and continues her freelance work choreographing, collaborating, teaching and performing.

Videolink: https://vimeo.com/rosalindmasson