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Andriana Seecker

Modern fr Anfnger und Anfnger mit Vorkenntnissen

This contemporary class will start with an intensive Warm-up that brings the heat in your body and makes you ready for the next step.
The floor work is of great importance but we will also move into space, exploring new or at least unfamiliar movement patterns.
We will have some short combinations for coordination and strength with dynamic impulses and fluent movements through the space to built the basis for the choreography in the end.
Influences are found from different dance techniques as well as from Yoga and Improvisation.
My class will be focused on every one of you, to enjoy your body, enjoying to dance but with your possibilities and physicality.

You`re very welcome to have fun (which is the most important), to dance without fear and hesitation and to give something very nice to your body.

Andriana Seecker is a choreographer and dancer from Berlin. Before turning to a professional dance career, she studied Stage and Costume Design at the University of Arts in Berlin. During her professional dance education in Berlin, she continued doing stage designs for theatre productions and began work as a choreographer in collaboration with Birgitt Bodingbauer, with whom she went on to form the dance and performance company Nightmare before Valentine (NBV) in 2007. Since 2010 the productions of Nightmare before Valentine are touring international on Festivals like in England, Holland, Austria, Italy and America. In 2011 NBV started working together with Institutet/LOVAC (Sweden) and the University of Dallas, Texas.

Nightmare Before Valentine: