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Simo Kellokumpu


Class description:
Class offers an introduction to the basic tools which are inducted from my own research process as a choreographer. What are the main focuses when it comes to work with the dancers  who are involved within this process? My main goal is to reach a certain kind of body texture which can allow the dancer to explore his/hers personal possibility (untill extreme limits) to « be » in a permanent 3Dimensional high skill/awareness.
The class aims to prepare dancer's kinetic texture in order to fully fill (maybe untill exhaustion) time and space trying to challenge some mythological dancing ideas of achievement such as: fast, multidirection and fluidity. This challenge has obviously to be doubled by a compulsory playfull behaviour in critically considering it as a mere utopian attempt.
Therefore the training material is based on awakening the body (from calm to dynamic), mainly focusing on the verticality (spiraling the spine, circling shoulder blades, rotating hip joints…) with a certain concept of spelvism = to create an intense extant 3D volume from the pelvis to the spine. Then from this training step, i propose to put this specific texture-making into construction/combination through out a principle of subjectivity based on improvisations.

Simo Kellokumpu has studied choreography and dance in the Theatre Academy of Finland in Helsinki. After graduating he has been working as a freelance-choreographer and dancer. His choreographies has been performed in numerous different festivals and venues in Europe since 2003. Characteristic to his work as a choreographer is an interest towards multi-layered, fast and vital movement texture based on his personal improvisational research with the dancers. In winter 2010 Kellokumpu was invited to create a piece for the National Ballet of Finland. For the moment Kellokumpu is living and working in Berlin.