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Zohar Frank

Profitraining und Modern

In this class we will explore the importance of weight and mass in the initiation and execution of movement. Weight and mass serve as a motor for movement as well as an anchor for grounding. Through the use of images and anatomical references we will try to experience both. I seek to develop in the participants an ability to analyze movement and a sensation of pleasure in moving. The warm up is designed to build awareness and strength and combines elements from Tai Chi, Yoga and Klein technique among other approaches. The class will begin slowly, focusing first on our own somatic experiences, and then will accelerate, to conclude in a long dance phrase.

Modern Class (all Levels)
The class is planned as a gradual journey beginning with one's own body awareness and on to one's awareness of the group and the shared space. Class will start with a slow warm up and little by little pick up the pace in terms of tempo, energy and usage of space. Various possibilities will be explored; taught movement sequences, individual movement material and improvisation. It will culminate in a long movement sequence. The class is aimed at people who would like to experience another way of being one with their bodies. It welcomes both people with and without previous experience in dance.
Class will be taught primarily in English.
Zohar Frank was born in Israel. She studied dance in New York under Miguel Gutierrez, John Jaspers, Juliet Mapp and Sara Neece among others. She received her Pilates teacher's certificate from Kane school of core integration in NY and has been teaching it since 2003. Zohar also teaches dance for both professionals and non professionals in various places and currently in Dock11 and EDEN. In Berlin she has performed in Jana Unmüßig's "linie, fisch" and "Haus". Her recent solo work "if only i was a bear" was preceded by the duet "They had the Face of a Man". Zohar holds a BA degree in history and interdisciplinary studies from Tel Aviv University and is currently completing an MA degree in philosophy in Humboldt University in Berlin.