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Diane Busuttil


I begin with release-based movement and breathing. I am interested to create a ‘sensation’ in the body and awareness of ones own weight against gravity. This state of awareness takes us through the class as we move into a curving and swinging of the body, using the limbs as weights flying through space. I also like to engage the use of the hands and upper body as a weight support which will be used in the movement sequence as well as in the falling and spreading work that I do (also working with the concept of “using” gravity). Above all I like to get air flowing through the body and through the movement so there is a sense of expansion in all that we do.

Busuttil has spent her life working as a dancer, choreographer, teacher, acrobat, director and actress. Her passion is to challenge the ways in which the body can express itself through various movement techniques and theatrical skills. Busuttil has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance from the University of Western Sydney Australia. In 2000 she was invited to Germany by the DAAD and studied at the International Women’s University in Hannover. 2004 Busuttil studied Iyengar Yoga intensively Pune India where she also received her teacher training diploma in 2005. Busuttil has performed throughout the world with various theatre and dance companies such as: The Dorky Park Ensemble, under the directorship of Constanza Macras, Rodrigo Garcia, La Carniceria Teatro, Rosaland Crisp, OPVC San Francisco and most recently with the Theatre Junction in Canada. In Berlin she has also worked with Marco Berettinni, Post Theatre, Ami Garmon and Jared Gradinger. Busuttil has acted in many short films and recently wrote and directed “Dirt and Desire” which has screened in Canada, Australia, USA, Italy, France, Brazil and Germany.