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Howard Katz

Profitraining und Modern

5 QUALATIES - This class takes you through a series of given and improvised exercises based on the study of physics and human movement. My movement approach breaks down movement into these simple categories; flow, throw, put, fall, carry. These five movement qualities are also repeatable movement motors that define where a movement impulse begins and how to consistently repeat it with less effort and more imagination. This approach expands and challenges both brain and body and is a key to a strong and flexible technique, that allows us to master any movement challenge with the analytical power of a scientist and the intuition of an animal. I have structured this workshop for beginner, intermediate and professional level performers of all kinds who wish to expand and develop their movement quality and add to their vocabulary.

Howard Katz was Born in New York City, where he trained trained in the wild and creative turmoil of the new york arts scene. Since 1996 he has been living in Berlin and NYC, working as a solo artist, choreographer, musician, teacher, composer, and in collaboration with international artists in a wide range of performative situations. Some of these artists/institutions include Tino Sehgal, Theater An der Angel, Christoph Winkler, Tatraum Theater Company and Schauspielhaus Dusseldorf. With the band collective Post Holocaust Pop, he toured throughout Europe mesmerizing audiences with their unique sound and performative presence.
In 2006, Howard founded LiveFilmWorks with the renowned French video artist, Yoann Trellu. LiveFilmWorks integrates media, music, movement and story into live performance.
His intense study of the physics of human movement and his experience with martial arts and classical, improvisational dance and acting led to the creation of a visceral hybrid style of performance. With Marc Travanti he co-founded BudoFlux which integrates martial arts' movement principles and philosophies into the performing and visual arts. He also developed and teaches the 5 Quality System which breaks movement into the five simple categories of flow, throw, put, fall, carry.
Howard has taught and treated people at ImpulseTanz in Vienna, at the EDDC in Arnhem and Dusseldorf, the Bat Sheva company in Tel Aviv, the University of Tel Aviv, the KNUA in Seoul Korea, the African National Ballet in Burkina Faso, at NYU, Dance New Amsterdam in NYC, Tanzhaus NRW, and in numerous studios throughout Europe and the world. Between all of his teaching commitments, Howard still manages to regularly produce multi-disciplinary group and solo projects.
Howard most recently completed his Heilpraktiker and Feldenkrais certifications, and integrates this vast body of knowledge into a multi-faceted approach to teaching, healing, and performing.rd katz