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Carlos Aller

 Carlos´s classes start with an inner meditation to improve body awareness and deepen the dancers movements. The
classes are progressive, beginning with a warm up and improvisation, and developing into higher complexity moves. In
these classes you will experience the junction between contemporary and urban dance. Carlos generally teaches
floorwork, acrobatics and repertoire from Frantics Dance Company. The classes embody a mixture between the tension of
breakdance - hip -hop movements and the softness of contemporary dance. They strive to teach the dancer to listen and
adapt to the flow of the music, while infusing the dance with there own creative mark.



Carlos is a 29 years old versatile and powerful dancer based in Berlin. Originally from Spain, his first contact with the world
of dance came in 2005, when he began breakdancing in the streets of his hometown, Valladolid. As he participated in
competitions around Spain, he discovered that dance was not only a hobby, but a passion. Carlos moved to Berlin in 2012
where he could experience more varieties of dance and demonstrate his skills. Carlos eventually graduated from the
Tanzfabrik Berlin dance school, where he developed his style, learned different techniques and discovered new ways of
expression. During this year in Tanzfabrik, Carlos and his companions created Frantics Dance Company
(www.franticsdancecompany.com) , his primary motivation today.
In 2015 Carlos created his 1st solo “T.I.M.O.R”. In 2019 Carlos created his 2nd solo “VENENA”. In 2020 Carlos created his
3rd solo “SECRETO”. Which is currently touring around Europe.
Carlos Aller
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Carlos has also worked with Theater Strahl (Berlin), Dagada Dance Company (Freiburg), La Monnaie De Munt - Brussels ;
Opera Trista und Isolde, De Dansers (Holland) and choreographer including Fernando Melo, Lorca Renoux, Juan Tirado,
Ira Demina, Karolin Stächele, Mikolaj Mikolajczyk, Julia Maria Koch, Pies Merkx, Efrat Stempler and many more.