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Berit Einemo Fr°ysland

The aim of this morning class is to fully prepare ones mind and body for the day, engaging with physicality and technique. A short mindful meditation begins the class and provides a gentle start of the day, bringing the mind and body into the space. A warm up with yoga influences, followed by dynamic standing and floorwork exercises, joins physicality and technique into a dynamic expression. Music from all genres inspires energy and drive to enter a flow of movements. Giving every part of the body attention, we work on fine-tuning our instrument in an individual manner. By reducing stress, the focus is put on how to move efficiently and with self-confidence. The last part of the class is dedicated to a longer sequence from my own chorographical repertoire. Drop in is possible.


Berit Einemo Frøysland is a Norwegian dancer from Lærdal based in Berlin. She graduated at Balettakademien in Stockholm in 2016 and has since worked with Deborah Hay, Marina Abramovic, Satoshi Kudo, Katrina Bastian, Siciliano Contemporary Ballet, and Jeff Pedersen Productions.

She has made own dance pieces and films funded and supported by the Arts Council Norway and The Fund for Performing Artists Norway and is a recipient of numerous scholarships and awards, among them the Cultural Exchange Scholarship from the Berlin Senate (Tokyo). Her first solo piece "Petra" is a piece on the Fassbinder film Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant and premiered 7-9 February at dock 11 Berlin. She fre¬quently collaborates with her twin sister Anna Einemo Frøysland and their most recent duet, A study in the language games of Wittgenstein, will premiere in October 2020. She has also been commissioned to create work for the ceremony of Rafto Foundation for Human Rights as well as art and music videos.

Her writing, an important part of her artistic prac¬tice, has been featured in Norsk Shakespearetidsskrift and Journal for ny dans. As a commercial and fashionmodel, she has been featured in campaigns for Balenciaga and Liebeskind, and has been seen in magazines such as SLEEK, Lovesome Magazine, Also Journal, Lucy´s Magazine, Fogs and Le Mile.

Photo: Jubal Battisti