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Sebastian Abarbanell

During my class I am interested in breaking down the body into its layers of skin, flesh and bone to create more space within the container of our bodies. The isolation of different body structures allows for increased physical awareness and a growing sense of possibilities within our physicality. This practice builds up to a place where the body can operate as a whole by connecting all the layers within the body while still allowing for space to exist between them, offering the dancers the opportunity to explore an extended roam of possibilities. Some of which can be captured in structures like set movement material or communal improvisational ideas with the purpose of continuously inviting freedom of choice and an individual physical experience.
The taught movement material is inspired by my work as a solo artist, choreographer, performer, and teacher.

Sebastian Abarbanell is originally from Berlin, Germany. After graduating from Trinity Laban in London, he spent 4 years in New York City where he worked with Andrea Miller/Gallim Dance, Sidra Bell Dance New York and BIRDHOUSE among others. As a solo artist and with his creative partner César Brodermann, he has presented his work at international festivals in Germany, Spain, Poland, UK, Austria, Canada, Mexico, and the US. His solo work 'parasites' was awarded the 1st prize and audience prize at contact.energy Tanztheater Festival Erfurt 2018 and for 'Tian' he received the Emerging Choreographer prize at SoloDuo Festival in Cologne, Germany.
Sebastian is currently based in Berlin working as a freelance dance artist and as a member of Kiani Del Valle’s KDV Dance Ensemble.

Foto: Umi Akiyoshi Photography 2019