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Stefania Petracca

Residual movements >The work integrates the process of moving and dancing with elements of anatomy. It puts the focus on my current dance activity on residual movements. How can I redirect the energy of a previous action into the next motion? Which kind of decision can I make in order to use the momentum and regenerate this energy? Or change the quality of movement? The class results in a dynamic mix between listening, energic exercises and rhythmical steps regarding coordination. We align the body and dive deep into its physicality by introducing a specific somatic or technical task. We gradually unlock distinct tools and explore several variations of contemporary dance principles: weight, space, time, dynamics. We play with changes of speed and energy, spatial relations and projections, through different lengths of sequences and guided improvisation. My practice searches integrations of physical skills and techniques with Instant Composition principles.


As a child I wanted to be a ballerina. After I met contemporary dance and later the Instant Composition. Now I am working as a dancer and dance-teacher in Berlin where I moved in 2013 I got my degree in Dance, Choreography & Pedagogy in 2008 by Franca Ferrari's C.I.M.D. (International Movement and Dance Center) in Milan, followed by studies with severa choreographers and training in different dance techniques. I have been making dance and pieces as solos or with collectives, as well as being part in small or big companies. I am active as improviser on the Berlin scene, constantly experiencing new collaborations in liveperformances with musicians, composers, dancers and visual artists. Although I have worked in the past with other artistic forms, dance remains for me the key to understanding my coming along the life. When I turned my reflections towards the relationship between internal dynamics of the body and external ones, between musicality and inner vibrations, included the voice, I discovered myself acting on the field of social relations and communication. Attracted by the product of this observation, I now continue along this road, still going, making, teaching, trasforming and be trasformed. 

Photo ©Daniel Devecioglu