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Abhilash Ningappa

EMBODYING CRITICAL SITUATION (Improvisation and Composition workshop)

His Workshop is focused on Improvisation working on fundamentals like breath, speed and energy, involving the core structure of the body influenced by different methods of kalari payattu and other martial arts combined, focusing mainly on dancers relationship with the space and the people around.

The practice is about identifying our way of expressing into certain situations like a moment of confrontation, dealing ,accepting and mainly reacting. Inventing a score to create an incident and let the body react and mind follows and other way around. Using senses to provoke emotions created through incidents. Identifying the space filled with accumulated information through movement and research.

We experience reaction through various tasks and scores, to disengage mind from body and observing the reaction of body, recollecting or replaying the incident and to identify it with a new perspective, the new is nothing but a combination of various memories played in different time and space which is changing and passing every moment. Bringing feeling and letting the body occupy and transfer, letting it pass in order to give space for the next incident. Running from incident to incident, going through different emotional state, identifying the presence and absence, and identifying the state of mind and body through these different emotional state.


Abhilash Ningappa, Founder and Artistic Director of Play Practice Artists Residency (INDIA), born and based in India. Recognised as performer, choreographer and teacher both nationally and internationally. He post graduated in SEAD (Salzburg) and Post Masters in APASS (Advanced performance and scenography studies) (Belgium) . A yoga practitioner and a martial art teacher, trained in kalari payattu and contemporary dance.

He has been organising Play Practice Apprenticeship program and Yoga Practice teachers training program for the past 5 years. In 2019 he launched the first Fight Practice martial arts workshop and also organises yearly residencies for artists.

He won Pecda award for ‘Architect of Self Destruction,' a work which was created by Ningappa himself and performed in several venues all around India and Spain. He taught and performed in Nunart and Lacaldera (Barcelona), Ibiza movement and performance Festival."No Speaking Solo" Performed in Isadora Festival (Russia). “Too far east is west" performance with Carla Guida Johnson in Bangalore, with Ana jezebel with Devir Capa (Portugal) and Nicola Fabiana (Germany).