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Yoriko Maeno

Choreographic Creation
This class is open to the dancers who are interested in searching the new way of movements and also how to make choreography both on technical and creative level.
We start the class with the gentle isolations of all parts of the body. We let the air blow into every joint and gradually let the flow go through into the whole our anatomical framework, so that we can awaken and sharpen our awareness and sensations inside of the bodies and surroundings.
This organic movement will be expanded by the improvisational exercise. We animate our bodies more and go further with our imagination and risk-taking.
After that we work to set the choreography based on the scores and tasks. How can we keep the organic and authentic quality in the prescribed choreography? How can we be free in the frame of that? How can we develop and deepen our expressions? How do the combination of the movements change the time and space?


Born in 1983, Tokyo, Yoriko started dancing when she was 14 years old by learning classical ballet and Jazz dance.
She studied at Ochanomizu University majoring in dance and choreography, receiving Bachelor’s and Master degrees. During her university days, she danced in Tokyo Disney Resort as a professional dancer.
In 2007, she joined a dance company of eminent Japanese contemporary dancer, Kaori Kagaya. The following year, she joined the Akita-Modern dance competition and awarded “Akita-Komachi Award. In 2011, she joined the project for young artists and toured 4 cities in Japan.
She performed her pieces at various places (clubs, live houses and outdoor spaces) as a solo dancer, while collaborating with many artists of other genres (musicians, film makers, photographers…).
In 2012, Yoriko started her own dance company “Memori’s Fairy Tales”.
In 2013 she stayed in Berlin, Germany, as a foundationer of Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists, to learn the latest trends of dance culture in Europe and to collaborate with local dancers and artists.

In 2012, Yoriko started her own performance company “Memori’s Fairy Tales”. She challenges to connect dance and other fields of art, such as visual arts, music and costume designers and wishes to open contemporary arts to much border people in the society.
In 2013, she has created a dance piece featuring a life of Japanese female painter who has brain disorder through a collaboration with a NPO. The piece was performed in two cities, a gallery cafe in Tokyo and buddhist temple in Niigata. In Niigata, they received specially positive reviews being highly touching and inspiring with extreme energy of love generated by the mixture of sensual dancing and contemporary visual projection in traditional setting.
In 2014, she had also showed their piece in Berlin.