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Dominik Feistmantl

The class focuses on gradually building up awareness and consciousness in all the parts of the body so that we can articulate and translate our whole being into movement. This will happening through a constantly changing set of exercises, some more or less set phrases through the space, some improvisational based scores. I’m interested to tease out more of everybody’s individual personality, creative thinking, intelligence of the body as well as to challeng, investigate and deconstruct unnecessary patterns we accumulate over time. This class is aimed for professional performers that want to go further with one’s own understanding of the body and explore a practice where one has the space to research and still deepen the technically of movement. I want to offer this shared time and space to expand, learn and enjoy with each other on a technical, creative and personal level.


Dominik Feistmantl is a contemporary dance artist, performer and choreographer based between Berlin, Amsterdam and Athens. He graduated with a BA in contemporary dance from the Amsterdam School of the Arts in 2015, and has worked with many different choreographers and other artists around Europe and overseas.

As well as performing in works by other artists, Dominik is also creating his own pieces, coaching and teaching others. As a performer he often also co-creates in the pieces he performs in. His work is influenced by visual arts as well as architecture and he is driven by an urge to deconstruct the body as an entity in relation with time. Framing that with the concept of choreography allows him to communicate with the spectator and create a personal experience.