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Roni Chadash

BODY>me - contemporary dance class


We will start with a soft release-based warm up, which focuses on qualities I use in my vocabulary - as a dancer and a choreographer: separation of body parts, mobility of the organs, giving true weight to the floor, working from the edges of the body - while releasing tension from the core muscles, making more space inside the joints, and much more - depends on the day and weather.

Gradually, we find our way up to standing, playing with some more dynamic & flowing exercises - using the space, traveling to the floor and back, twisting the body, increasing the rage of movement and so on.
As a second layer, I usually like to give different “research directions” for the same exercise, in order to open the dancers mind, their curiosity for movement and the never-ending possibilities to approach the same action.

After warming up and getting some high energy into the body, the second part of the class starts: a combination based on my specific body language.
I first teach the material as is, then I start to let the dancers dismantle it into their own interpretation and impulses, trying to avoid the way we catch movement as an “outside action”.

I give the freedom for each body to explore how an outside choreography and his own concrete body - become ONE.
This part of the class usually go very deep, physically and emotionally, and for some it is very therapeutic.

After all of those words - The most important elements for me in this class is to give a SPACE FOR FREEDOM, CURIOSITY AND PASSION TO ENJOY MOVEMENT.
So If you have it - COME!


Roni Chadash, 1990, an independent dancer, choreographer and teacher, based in Tel-Aviv.

Roni's professional training included one year at Vertigo Dance Training Workshop and one year at the Gaaton Dance Workshop.

After her studies, Roni collaborated with various independent choreographers in Israel and abroad, including Satoshi Kudo, Elias Lazaridis, Luis Marrafa, Maya Brinner and Odelya Kuperberg.

Since the beginning of her creative pat through the media of video-dance, at 2015, until nowadays, Roni received numerous awards for her creations, performance & activity, and was invited to perform all around the world.

List of awards: ‘Best Performer’ award - MASDANZA 2016, ’Best Performer’ award - Soloduo 2016, ’Best Performer’ award - BCDC 2016, Audience award - BCDC 2016, Audience award - FKM 2016, ’PARTS’ award - BCDC 2016, ’Alexander Izralovski’ award - FKM 2016, 1st prize of the Jury - Shades in Dance 2015, 3rd prize of Jury - International Choreography Competition of Machol Shalem 2016.

At the end of 2018, Roni received Israel's Ministry of Culture award for young choreographers.

In addition to all of her activities, Roni is leading permanent contemporary dance classes at ‘The Group’, ‘Studio Naim’, ‘DanceJerusalem’ program at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, the Highshcool of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and at the Gaaton dance training workshop.