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Tomas Danielis

Tomas Danielis : research 6 Teaching

Creative focus of Tomas Danielis is oriented at crossover between visual/digital arts
and movement/dance. While accomplished dancer he pursue the understanding and
conceptualization performative presence via space which led him to further
investigate the properties of lights as well as creative escape into photography.
Danielis is known to create specific set of tools and innovative movement languages
for each of his project and thus keep surprising. His works were presented in more
than 20 countries and referred to as innovative fresh touching and inspiring. His
productions include light art video dance performance Landscapes (2011)
emotionally powerful and moving Locus (2016) exceptionally physical pure dance
performance Suites (2016) acclaimed for approach to composition movement
language and understanding of J.S.Bach.

explore intersections.

Crisscross is sharing of my practice a mover performer and choreographer. For each
day I prepare set of improvisation games and frames to warm up play move search
and dance with particular technical goals. My ultimate goal is to provide frame and
inspiration where every single participant can rediscover pleasure of movement
enrich and develop movement language while challenging the body


Hi Tec Tools
Creative technologies

Hi Tec Tools is physically demanding class where we play with different principles
speed dynamic and coordination to challenge body. Dynamic alignment and body
architecture are tools used to break down movement sequences to basic principles
driving movement. We work with these principles as matrix adjusting them according
to needs to achieve “liquid” and safe state of body. I offer my own movement
vocabulary which was shaped from my experience as a dancer and choreographer.
Hi Tec class includes floor work up side down standing work spins stability and
speed exercises jumps sometimes connected with basic partnering.