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Samantha Giron

Contemporary Dance with Street Influence

In the class, you will integrate contemporary training with a street sensibility. Sequential and circular articulation of the joints moving in opposition, with a dynamic range of musicality, swing and weight. Engaged center, loose spine and hips. We pop, pulse and devour space by redirecting and propelling isolated parts of the body.

We warm up the core muscles, lubricate the joints and integrate the breath, body and mind. We then practice a variety of dance sequences that culminate in a larger phrase from the company repertoire. Dancers are encouraged to make informed choices: honoring their unique artistic voice and dance background, while expressing the fundamental vision of the choreographer / teacher.





Samantha Giron is an American choreographer and dance teacher who had her formative years as an artist in urban dance and electronic music communities. She went on to earn formal Dance degrees, including a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from Mills College and a Master of Fine Arts in Choreography and Dance from California Institute of the Arts.


Giron utilizes a sequential, circular approach to movement. Her style is blend of her modern dance training and her street dance upbringing. She collaborates with video designers and electronic musicians to create performances that address themes like: queer and female sexuality, the conflict between following tradition and being an individual, and violence against women.

She has shown her work at prominent American theaters, such as: Z Space, KUNST-STOFF arts, ODC, Dance Mission and Cowell Theater. Her collaborations with DJs have been performed at prominent American nightclubs such as: The Mezzanine, Public Works and 1015 Folsom. She has received funding from the Zellerbach foundation and CounterPULSE, for example.

She was invited to be a featured presenter at The American National Dance Conference. She was also moderator of Dance Discourse Project, on a panel that discussed street forms and fusion styles. She is curator and creator of monthly dance show and party: Makeup Mutiny. She is a published dance essayist who has taught at many colleges, including San Francisco State University. A licensed Dance teacher, she recently resigned as head of Dance at TECA Academy in San Francisco, to relocate to Europe.

She currently teaches contemporary, street dance and yoga throughout Berlin. She is a guest teacher at Marameo, Tanzfabrik and Dock 11.

"Samantha Giron is a dancemaker who is living, working and challenging her choreographic genre rather than being satisfied with the status quo. Take any opportunity you have to see the Samantha Giron Dance Project - they are the future of Bay Area modern dance." - Heather Desaulniers. ballet~dance Magazine