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Amy Pender


The class consists of different improvisational tasks as well as set material, with the aim that the both can give nourishment to the other.  Throughout the class, we will work on letting go of unnecessary tension and habitual patterns within the body and mind in order to get out of comfort zones, to find power and clarity, to work deeper in detail and to be able to move in easier and new ways. The class starts slowly, gradually building up with an aim of finding an underlying energy and presence to help drive the creativity and movement of the dancers without needing to override it. 


Amy Pender was born in England, grew up in Norway, and has a BA of Modern Theatre dance from Amsterdam University of the Arts. During her last year of school, she was an apprentice with the Icelandic Dance Company. As a dancer she has among others worked with choreographers and companies such as Spitfire Dance Company (CZ), Blenard Azizaj (DE/AL), Cecilia Moisio (NL/FIN), Liat Waysboort (NL/IL), and Yaniv Cohen (NO).
Lately she has also started focusing on smaller collaborative projects and developing her own work.
Her research project “Alenetid” and somatic practices as Klein technique and feldenkrais have developed to become important fundaments of her practice as a dance artist.