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Anni Lattunen


A movement/research class aimed to deepen the performer’s understanding of the workings of the intertwined physical and psychical during composition and one’s own authority within that framework. By tuning into the senses of the physical body we create an alert state of full participation, out of which each action arises. Active (re)construction of reality is working as a way of bringing clarity to presence and intention. Particular attention will be on how to handle one’s material and the integration of emerging ideas, both on the level of sense and thought. We learn to navigate them through and with time, space, form and structure. Simplicity is used as a guiding force to steer through complexity. By blurring the distinctions between dualities such as solid/space, movement/stillness and reality/imagination we build a vocabulary of the subtle and the detailed with which each something can be expressed to it’s fullest potential.

Anni (FI) is a dancer, performer and teacher, working as an independent artist in Berlin. She studied a variety of movement disciplines in Finland and New York with focus on release-based practices, basing herself in Berlin in 2014 where she was introduced to the world of real time composition. Her current research is immersed in the interdisciplinary work of movement, text and sound, actively engaging in collaborations with artists from various fields in order to create performances that speak through simplicity in a multiplicity of layers. She approaches dance as a playground for curiosity exploring and celebrating all the diverse ways of being. Her teaching is a combination of intuition and intellect experiencing each other in motion and is deeply inspired by the process of gaining understanding by unlearning.