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Leyya Mona Tawil / Camilla M. Feher

Camilla M. Feher will teach 5,6,8 March


Our body reflects the surrounding through our senses and can react upon the flux of impulses and information. We work from the idea of somatic practices to warm up our body and engage into a more dynamic movement-training.
We stay in a flow of continuos movement, work with repetition, shaking, expansion and gradually shaping positions through alignement. We gain articulation by precision. We gain precision by attention.
Music and sound have a strong impact on my work as a dancer/choreographer, as I often work with the concept, that movement produces sound and vice versa. I compose movement and choreograph sound and work with the borders of media. Light, and shadow, architecture and atmosphere, the continuous sonic stream of inner and outer bodily sounds and information as well as inner images and spaces open our movements and possibilities with qualities and dynamics to act and create a reality for us as individuals and as a collective body.
The idea of SLOW-PUNK is a concept which works with the idea to go against the stream of nowerdays effeciency. Daring to get slow or against the obvious direction, taking time, getting into a slow-motion-like behaviour, or for example going backwards for a while. Also sudden and explosive movements, taking risks, gaining trust in the architecture of the body and the space get invited into the movement-spectrum.
We can take space through our movement, zoom into little fragments and unfold space through our body. We work with the idea, that our body can amplify our experiences through movement, first by sensing and realizing then by turning the body into a body of amplifacted movement. With this idea we can start work playful around research-based techniec which explores the idea of using filters, like in sound and video-techniecs, such as slow-motion, morphing, zooming in etc. We work individual an das a group within improvisation-sets.

In the last 10 years I have been working a lot with the idea of a sonic approach towards movement. I worked with the idea of silence as used in modern music. There is no silence as such, there is always sound. At the same time I have been making music through movement by the means of objects which were attached to contact-microphones. These amplifications of little sounds changed my idea of understanding movement and composition as well. Interested in the idea of a zoom into a certain aspect of sound or movement, the movement-research can get opened up into fragments, which we get interested in.
The idea of opening space up and gaining within the movement a strength and possibility of expression and possibility of connection towards oneself and the other turn into a basic method. I am interested in combination of somatic techniec with electronic music, with punk, with drone and also pop-music, live performed on stage.

Since 2011 I form a performance-dance-duo with Sylvi Kretzschmar under the name of SKILLS. SKILLS has been working on the threshold of dance, music and installation. We are preparing at the moment our new performance WELCOME TO HELL, which will be premiered at Kampnagel in October 2018. (we-are-the-skills.de)


Leyya Mona Tawil will teach 7,9 March

Metaphysical Body
Our body is the source for abstract strategies of experience that is gleaned through and of itself. This practice is concerned with curiosity as it relates to facility and metaphor. We begin with addressing our anatomical selves; our structures that create structures. On a pure level, what do we consist of and how does it work. And then the question, how does this relate to my dancing self. We chose from endless starting points and proceed into experiments, improvisations, skill building and tiny choreographies. We move alone and together.

Leyya Mona Tawil, also known as Lime Rickey International, is an artist working with dance, sound and performance practices. A Syrian, Palestinian, American; her articulation of Arab Experimentalism embeds political sub-narratives and cultural confusions into the performance fabric. Tawil’s performance scores have been presented throughout the US, Europe and the Arab world; highlights include After the Last Sky Festival (Berlin), New York Live Arts (NYC), Museum of nonconformist art (St. Petersburg) and Bimhuis (Amsterdam). She is a 2018 Saari Residency Fellow (Finland). Tawil is the director of ELIXIR and TAC- a venue in Oakland-CA. She has taught inside and outside of academia for 20 years with a focus on somatic movement research and transdisciplinary approaches to performance.

Leyya Video: https://vimeo.com/250462888
Lime Video: https://vimeo.com/233200041