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Shannon Leypoldt

This class draws upon Shannon’s experience working with countertechnique, gaga, acrobatics, partnering and floorwork. Through improvisation tasks we will increase body awareness, challenge our mind, and explore new physical sensations. The class will incorporate technical exercises to increase physical range, strength, and coordination. We will end with a dynamic phrase where these principles can be further explored. This class aims to challenge the limits of our physicality while actively connecting to our passion for dance. We will utilize music, groove, and memory as a gateway to access our joy to move.

Shannon Leypoldt
After graduating from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance, Shannon Leypoldt trained at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance under the direction of Summer Lee Rhatigan. Her training includes ballet, modern, gaga, and countertechnique.

Shannon has performed with Dorky Park, EYAS Dance Collective, wee dance company, burnsWORK, FACT/SF, Sharp & Fine, and Nine Shards Dance Theater Collective. As member of Wee Dance Company at the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Theater, Görlitz-Zittau she performed choreography by Dan Pelleg & Marko E. Weigert, Shlomi Bitton, Hillel Cogen, and Sommer Ulrickson. Shannon has perform in Taiwan, Israel, Russia, Germany, and the US.