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Juli Reinartz


This training will adress dance as a practice. Throughout the week, we will work and change parameters to look at movement and, by that, expand the possibilities of where to move from. We start with an intense warm up inspired by Klein-Technique and physical meditation, focusing on a precise alignment, sensitization and an overload of perception. After we move on to sweaty dancing, exploring notions of sensation and physical textures and the relation to space and music in a set phrase. We focus on dance as a performance practice and practice movement as well as creativity and attention. This class aims to provide tools for working with full on dance and dance textures without reproducing styles of movement.

Juli Reinartz is currently studying choreography in DOCH Stockholm where she is working with Marten Spangberg, Mette Ingvartsen, Xavier LeRoy, Alice Chauchat, Jefta VanDinther, Frederic Gies, Eszter Salomon, Christine de Smedt and others. Next to her studies she is continuing her work as performer and choreographer currently in collaborations with Liz Waterhouse, Linnea Martinsson and Sebastian Schulz/Verena Billinger. She is interested in an approach to dance that allows as much fun to move as differentiation and multiplication of possibilities of expression. In this respect, she uses the idea of practice as an idea to vary the set up that we put the body and our senses into.