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Anca Huma

energy flow - contemporary class


I am teaching a mix of floor work, contemporary dance and technique excercises in standing .
My main goal is giving a good warm up class , making the body ready for the day. You can find dance phrases ,space for improvisation as well some Pilates and Yoga exercises within my class. I would like to share my idea of constant energy flow inside the body and guide it outside of the body into the space.
Movements spreading into space , taking space, letting go of the mind and focus with mind and body in the present .
I will give phrases and exercises that will guide you through this class, where the focus is on fluidity and non resistance and effortlessly. Giving directions through the space and internal impulses for a movement to happen.
Energy work is a part of the class. Knowing the amount of energy one needs for producing movement and when to let it happen from within the body. We use the momentum to go through movement vocabulary and try to avoid working with too much force . We will work on organic phrases wich allow more breathing in the body. The focus is on own movement quality and going deeper into our intuitive and expressive body without judgements.
Sensuality, simplicity and honesty in the movement is what i would like to share.


Anca Huma was born in Rumania, Iasi and lives currently in Bremen, Germany.
She studied dance at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Arnhem, the Netherlands and achieved her Diploma at the Folkwang Universität Essen, Germany. Her teachers were dancers from Pina Bausch, Lutz Fˆrster, Malou Airadou, Domenique Mercy, Susanne Linke, Ed Kortland and Libbye Nye (Limon Company New York) She deepened her knowledge in release technique, improvisation ,contemporay dance and composition through workshops and classes from various teachers around Europe since 2006. Anca worked as a dancer for the state theatre Kassel :choreographer Johannes Wieland and mostly in the freelance scene with Company Entre Pasos, Ilona Paszthy, Veronika Riz, Mainzer Kammerspiele, Freies Tanztheater Frankfurt, Chikako Kaido, Yaron Shamir, Shumpei Nemoto, Maura Morales, Leandro Kees Karela Vanek, See! Tanzcompany Cologne and " the Performinggroup", Cologne for several years touring with the piece ìchalk aboutì on festivals in Germany and international festivals . As well she was working in London for ìTilted productionî and touring with the work ìBelonging(s) in England and Rouen, France. Anca is working on own pieces. Her Solo ìT.I.G.R.E. intÈrieur was shown in Dock 11, 638 kg Tanzfestival Essen, Tanzhaus Nrw and Krefeld Dance Festival. Currently she is creating with the visual artist Gonzalo Rodriguez a new solo piece "abstract visions" wich will premieren in 2017. Anca gained experiences in teaching workshops in modern dance, contemporary dance, improvisation , composition in Germany ,Italy and Mexico City for "Moving Borders in 2011".

webpage: blackberryflow.wordpress.com

Foto: Thomas Regus