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Felix Ruckert


FORM, FUNCTION AND PLAY with Felix Ruckert

02.-12. Mai 2017

In this class Felix Ruckert will offer his version of a healthy and mindful professional training combining practices for effortless and efficient movement with technical exercises for form, function and creativity. There will be floor work, a short bar and then free and formal movement through space. Felix draws from his vast experience of more than 40 years as a professional dancer, choreographer and body researcher to provide a class that makes sense and keeps your bodymind alert and flexible. He advocates the double pleasure of discipline and playfulness as the golden path in learning and promotes simplicity, awareness and fun in a careful exploration of physical and creative possibilities.

Felix Ruckert has an extensive formation in classical and contemporary dance, improvisation and somatic practices. He worked as a dancer for several renowed european choreographers, amongst them Wanda Golonka, Mathilde Monnier and Pina Bausch. He choreographed more than 40 evening long pieces which have toured world wide. In the last nine years he directed the performance space schwelle7 in Berlin-Wedding, dedicated to the integration of the sexual body into dance.

More at www.felixruckert.de