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Mike O'Connor

The class is based on the premise of using your inner core and your outer kinesphere to maintain balance and coordination so we can blur the lines between verticality and horizontality. The focus of the class has two parts: to provide the tools for strengthening the technical underpinnings of the dancer, and to dance. We start the class with different techniques that properly warm up the body and allow the dancer to functionally participate in a variety of styles. We find stability while on the floor and while standing. This class is a personal laboratory for each dancer to dive into their bodily selves, but it is also a communal atmosphere where the class moves as one, sweats as one, and encourages and learns from each other. The class utilities floor work, release technique and head-tail connections to create delicate and strenuous phrases that challenge each dancer. A mindset that allows us to risk and enjoy the temporality of movement, becomes functional when held together by awareness and technique; which keeps the dancers’ minds open and free to make choices. Through the work we seek to find together where the juice is of each movement. When to breathe. Where to relax before it gets difficult. And when to surrender. The class is about co-mingeling the 2 continental contemporary styles, American technique meets European mindset. It’s not where you’re going, but how you get there that counts. 


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