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Silvia Bennett

Warm up is based on release technique combined with floor work and Feldenkrais, the aim is to warm up the body deeply, taking particular attention into articulations and body weight. After the first part, the class develop in a sequence across the floor combined with improvisation exercises to deepen the understanding of weight and dynamic. A long movement composition is used to stimulate fast learning, train breathing and stamina. Through all the exercises we study how to connect facial expressions and intention to the body and the role of imagination in performance.


Silvia Bennett educated in Pedagogy, Nikolais-method, release, improvisation and theater. In 2008 she moved to Amsterdam where she started working with K.Duck, K.Kusuda, M.Ito, V.Cacialano, M.Schumacher. In 2011 she established the group MonoCollective with whom she created the trilogy Falling and many other physical theater performances. In the past years in her choreographic activity she developed her unique, improvisation-based working method. In this method she uses the pictorial imagination as a well of inspiration, and anatomical awareness as a technical basis. In 2012 she funded Knopen association with Emese Csornai, visual artist and light designer, with whom she developed her method to translate a visual concept into movement. Since 2012 she creates also children performances. At the moment she’s working in Italy with Yumiko Yoshioka, If-Prana, Spam rete delle arti contemporanee, compagnia Simona Bucci and Company Blu as a dancer and choreographer. Her main works are: Grow, DOOS, On Being Ill, Mr Hat op zee, Falling asleep, Falling apart, EXIsT and Whispers