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Shiri Lukash


Improvisation in Dance
The Class is an invitation to re-explore our own individual abilities and our natural instincts, by challenge them and give them a proper space. We will examine the action of leaving old habits and meeting new insights, while using our imagination in a physical way and working as a laboratory; exploring ourselves as an individual and as a group member, testing the borders of the space as a partner and ourselves as a partner. We will sharp our senses in order to go out on a journey and clarify our creative voice and power, exploring different dynamics of the body, the relations between music and movement and to use our passion and joy as one of our creative engines.
We will play with different materials from several techniques, by transforming them to our own. We can analog it to new words that we just learned; we choose how to say them, in a very high tone, low, maybe we will sing them or maybe just hum them. The same thing with our body, we can choose how to translate the movement to our own body language.

Shiri Lukash is an Israeli artist based in Berlin since 2014. She graduated The School for the Arts of Dance at the Kibbutzim College, Tel – Aviv. She got her dance education in Israel at Vertigo Dance Company, Tel Aviv Dance Company and Silver Dance Company.
In Israel she was working as a dancer with choreographers like: Niv sheinfeld and Oren laor, Georg Bluschka, Galya Fradkin, Thomas Simatovich, Elad Shechter, Amit Goldenberg and Yaara Dolev. Currently she is working in Berlin with the artist Maya M. Caroll in her improvisation research.
She Choreographed and danced in the pieces: Na(ra)tive (2016); Bureaucracy Dance (2015); Squeezed (2014). They performed in Tel Aviv (IS), Berlin (DE), Katowice (PL) and Almeria (ES).