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Christine Bonansea


Tanztechnik / Improvisation - My class offers technical skills exercises and movement experimentation as a laboratory for expression. We’ll generate various strategies to experience spatial and corporeal awareness. Starting with an invigorating warm up to develop connections, opening the senses while moving through mobility exercises, we’ll explore the body’s articulation and physical organisation. I want to encourage the potential of the inherent dynamic body and sensory perception; to tune in more effectively to our consciousness of "presence" and temporality.


Christine Bonansea is New York City based artist who’s been practising and exploring a great variety of movement techniques as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. After getting her French National diploma in Dance, she studied and performed in 3 French National Choreographic dance Centers with Regine Chopinot, Catherine Diverres and Mathilde Monnier. She fulfilled her curriculum in Europe and the USA with great artists as Nancy Stark Smith, Mark Tompkins, Wally Cardona, Anna Halprin, Katie Duck and Ralph Lemon. She’s been challenging the dynamics of live performance within the diversity of environment that she experienced internationally over the last 15 years. She danced among other companies, for Faustin Linyekula, Tino Sehgal and Sarah Shelton Mann. These experiences have influenced her work, generating innovative choreographic forms for live performance. She invests other medium as theater, sound composition, visual design, video and philosophy, and leverage artistic expression to generate dialogue between artists and communities as a virtuous cycle of truth telling and visualization. Influenced by Philosophical concepts, she wants to generate emotions or questions that personally and socially invest the audience and reveal the display of the human nature. She builds series of intense images and environments that generate tensions, visceral states and movements. Her work is commissioned by festival, organizations and residency programs: Atlantic Center for the Arts residency program, (2010), ODC theater program (201112), Safehouse Arts (201213), H\Kunst Stoff artsSan Francisco (201213), Artscape Toronto (2015), FRESH Festival San Francisco (20112015), the Whenever Wherever FestivalTokyo (2013),San Francisco International Festival (2015) and, Danspace Project Food for Thought, NYC (2015), the Dixon Place, NYC (20152016), Movement Research at the Judson Church, NYC (2014, 2016), DanceMatters Toronto (2016) and DOCK11Berlin (2013, 2016). The Company has been supported by US Grants: the Theater Bay area CASH GRANT (2012), the Zellerbach Family foundation (2012), American Dance Abroad (2014), Foundation for Contemporary Arts (2014), the Lighting Artists for Dance Grant of Dancer's Group (2014) and the French Consulate of San Francisco. Her last pieces has been seen in the United States in San Francisco (Counterpulse, Yerba Buena, ODC theater, the Joe Goode ANNEX) and New York city (Movement researchJudson Church, Danspace Project, Dixon Place).