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Eva Georgitsopoulou



The class focuses on creating a sense of physical power, energy and musicality while exploring our individuality and being available to the group energy and the entire space . It consists of two parts. We start with a physical improvisation in order to explore deep our movement awareness ,to work the articulation of the body and to develop ones own movement and musicality. The participants are led to extreme positions, different qualities of movement and high speed of physicality. The class continues with short floor exercises and complex standing combinations with acrobatic elements. We aim to a create a long sequence that combines the tools of the class, in where the participants are encouraged to play with dynamics and express themselves & their souls individually as performers.


Eva Georgitsopoulou was born in Greece. In 2013 she graduated from the National School of Dance in Athens while studying Law at the same time. Later on, she took part in the DanceWorkshop Gaaton in Israel where she was trained in Gaga technique. Within this session she has worked for projects of Noa Zuk, Shlomi Bitton and Rami Beer.She completed the five months understudy program of Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company as being an Apprentice for the company based in Israel.As a performer she has, also, collaborated with Oktana Dance Theatre and Hellenic Dance Company for creations of Anton Lachky, Pascal Rioult among others.Lately she collaborated with cia Sonia Rodriguez, Inside The Body performing arts, JSR dance company and Edivaldo Ernesto.She is a member of Frantics Dance Company based in Berlin and she is currently working as a performer of Aerites Dance Company / Patricia Apergi (GR). She has been teaching in Tanzfabrik Berlin, Motion*s Dance Studios, Dock 11, Seneca Intensive, Die Etage-School for performance and visual arts, Dance Cultural Center Athens etc.Her own creations have been performing since 2015 in Greece & Germany. She is currently based between Berlin and Athens.

Foto: Danny Willems