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Kim Ceysens


I'm a fan of hard work. The class is physical. We will sweat and we will dance and all of this to lovely music! My class is rooted in the pleasure of full dancing and the sensations we feel in our body and emotions when we move. Wether it's through a phrase we dance all together moving as one body through the space, or wether it's through working on a handstand, or losing ourselves to the pulse of the music as if we were in a party. My class wants to create those situations where we just feel great and that we are dancing fully. Just like when we take a walk in the forest and breathing in fresh air, it feels good. That's why we do it.

I teach dance technique through a combination of set material and open material with a very specific technical score/limitation behind it.

Things i am passionate about at the moment and i want to share with you:

-work on handstands and more dynamic acrobatic material

-how to find space and length in the body through conscious alignment

-how to increase awareness by working on technical tasks through open material

-improving coordination through dynamic coordination drills

-moving with ease, speed & lightness

- floorwork

- playing with dynamics ( performing score )

- how to express things to others with our dance ( performing score )

I am interested in working towards a free and strong and highly aware body, energetic, playful, sparkly and yet grounded.

Come and feel good! Come and sweat! Come and join the dance!


Kim Ceysens (1988°) is a dancer and actrice born and raised in Brussels, Belgium.

After training in gymnastics as a child, she started her acting training as a teenager and finally enrolled at the Ritcs school of arts in Brussels obtaining her BA in drama in 2009. After her theater studies, Kim shifted her path towards dance and started training at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. The summer following her studies, she was awarded with a Danceweb scholarship to attend the Impulstanz Dance festival in Vienna. Shortly after, Kim started working for choreographers in Belgium and across Europe such as Benjamin Vandewalle -BE- (Point of View, Birdwatching 4x4), Francesco Scavetta /Wee Company -NO- ( On the moon and the day after ), Cie Philippe Saire -CH- ( Chant XII - Les Sirenes ), Albert Quesada -ES/BE- ( Slow Sports Kids ) and Shai Faran -ISR/DE- (We, Us and They ). She recently started working as a choreographer for the circus cie Helaba in the Netherlands. And she is also teaching at the Academy of Circus and Performing Arts, Fontys in Tilburg, at Danscentrum Jette in Brussels and Dansatelier in Reykjavik - Iceland. Kim also works very closely together with her partner Martin Kilvady (Les Slovaks, ZOO/Thomas Hauert, Rosas) assisting him while teaching and soon working together with the Icelandic Dance company.