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Ichi Go

Exploring movement dynamics


Theatrical /Physical improvisation Training based on Contemporary dance
In Japan the definition between yourself and others is vacant. The boundaries of oneself is ever expanding. One can connect with the core of the Earth, Tandien of the person in front of you, even the noise outside. Sympathy at all times, expanding, connecting, and finding one's own role and position to create harmony.

In dance, the ideal state is being aware, every single moment what one is offering with one's position (where one is) in the specific space, and continuously renewing this information. In short, never stop flowing, like water.

For instance, the shaking of the branch, does the movement originate in the wind or the roots of the tree. The deconstruction of this definition helps to clarify the intention of movement. This wind can actually be the audience, other performers, lights, or of course music.
Synchronizing with all these elements is one of the focuses of our training. The movement from the roots or the core of one's stomach, which we call "Tandien (丹田)" .Breathing deeply from it makes it possible to be aware of one's inner self. And more importantly for dance it can be useful in synchronizing with others instead of relying on one's eye or keeping count. This is the most fundamental technique that I was taught in Japan.

By focusing on emotions, and personal experiences, one can create movement. For instance when we carry out a conversation, there is a wave, rhythm, and layers of emotions. If one can transform their skin of whole body to be like the drum of the ear, the movement occurs spontaneously.

The training is carried out as a dialog. I will present the participants with some questions, which they will answer and move. I will carefully consider this answer, pick up on it and reply with something unique, something special, and suggestions to develop their next layers. So this is co-working process.

Ichi Go started dance in California when she was just a child. The energetic girl didn’t like images of Princes and Pink costumes, as a result she preferred Modern Dance to Classic Ballet.Once she moved to Japan, she learned Modern dance from Mieko Fuji and her pupils. Mieko is one of the greatest artist in Tokyo and Ichi Go learned a lot at her side.
In order to develop her own contemporary and experimental dance, she decided to move to Berlin in 2013.
She worked for various projects with Sven Holm (NOVOFLOT), Anna Anderegg (Asphalt Piloten),Yumiko Yoshioka (TEN PEN CHii Art Labor),Katarzyna Pastuszak (Amareya Theater & Guests),Daria Fain (The Commons Choir) BMW(Mark Film) and her own, ELEKTRO KAGURA.

Sample video of training: https://vimeo.com/225219299