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Ichi Go



My philosophy is based on the teaching I received from my great teacher Mieko Fuji, president of the dance therapy association and of the modern dance association in Tokyo. The book “The Flowering Spirits(風姿花伝)” by Zeami, founder of the Noh theatre, had a profound impact on my views and goals. As a matter of fact, the position of the educator, the capacity to share with others, is essential, just like the artists personality. Dance is a channel that goes over boundaries and creates new connections. For me, the dancer is a bridge, supporting comings and goings between a piece of art and its audience, between the artwork and the performers. The dancer needs to keep in mind to remain a clean, bright mirror, capable of reflecting all sorts of roles. I learned this way of thinking from the Kagura(神楽), an ancient but still vivid traditional dance in Kamakura, my hometown and also the mystical region of Miyazaki. After 6 years in Berlin, I managed to define a clear path for my own dance: a project that has its roots in the millennial dance of Kagura and that is nourished by the influence of the contemporary dance and the modern art scene.
The training is carried out as a dialog. I will present the participants with some questions, which they will answer and move. I will carefully consider this answer, pick up on it and reply with something unique, something special, and suggestions to develop their next layers. So this is co-working process.


Brief Bio
Born in Japan, raised in Sacramento, California as an infant, Ichi Go began to dance just as soon after she could walk. When she returned to Japan she maintained her interest in physicality and movement, studying modern dance from the age of 4 with tutors from the Fuji Mieko Contemporary Dance Company, with whom she performed from the age of 19 to 21. This intense, immersive tutelage and involvement with one of the most illustrious Japanese contemporary dance companies gave her a steady foundation on which to construct her personal style. In her mid-20s, she was forced to stop dancing professionally and pursue other means, but in 2013, feeling a renewed sense of passion, she decided to move to Berlin to focus once again on establishing her artistic practice as the centerpiece of her life. Ichi has worked with clients and directors including Sven Holm,Kadir Amigo Memis, Sean Rogg,Yumiko Yoshioka,Katarzyna Pastuszak,Daria Faïn,Christine Bonansea,and BMW. She has recently established her own company, ELEKTRO KAGURA. Sample Video of training


Web Site : http://ichi-go.mystrikingly.com/