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Manuela Lucia Tessi


Attention is given to deepening pathways of availability so that the body is ready to move into new areas of movement research.

Through softening the joints and working with clear alignment and functional pathways I bring attention to the mechanics of the body and the easeful connection of directing the weight through gravity. We will work towards a nuanced articulation and clarity of movement initiation. By understanding which part of the body initiates and which part of the body trails behind we discover ways in which one movement can call organically to the next, differentiating between when one move begins and ends and the following can start. I guide movers to work with anatomically conscious choices and the three dimentional aspect of the body.

I will introduce three specific areas of movement research with a focus on how each relates to a different aspect of musicality: the focus will be on movement in relation to tone, rhythm and articulation.

Trailer https://vimeo.com/347108974


Manuela Tessi
born in Italy 1979, based in the Netherlands for 20 years. I graduated from the Modern Theatre Dance department at the Theaterschool in Amsterdam.

For many years I have studied and worked with Katie Duck, who has been one of my greatest creative influences alongside the many dancers and musicians who have collaborated with her.

My work is driven by the desire to deeply understand musicality and the relation of movement and sound. In the last few years I have been dividing my time between Amsterdam, Berlin and Cape Town where I create, teach and collaborate with dancers, musicians and lighting designers, and curate self sustained platforms for the production and sharing of performance work.

In my movement research I look for sensuosness and embodiment in dance, often referring to kinesthetic empathy, how is the movement being read by the spectator not solely with the eyes and intellect, but perceived on a visceral level. I regularly teach dance technique and improvisation in the Netherlands and abroad.



Photo: Lindsey Appolis