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Patrick Slepica


 A symbiosis of solo work and partnering technique

The floor will be our first responsible and predictable partner during the warm up and will be used to find support and alignment in our bodies. Through friction with the floor we can find smoothness in our own movement. While strengthening our center, using gravity, we get ready to move with ease and with a minimum of effort.

The class and the technique will build up slowly, to find a comfortable, save and secure way for partnering in duos and trios. A deep understanding of our center, using clear directions is necessary to be a stable and reliable dance partner. Getting ready to read the others, listening to their bodies and impulses will open us for a wide spectrum of movement dialogues. We will work mostly without the aid of music, what will help us to engage and to find impulses coming out of ourselves and out of the conversation with the others.

Sequentially we work improvised and fixed on: lifts and balances, by challenging weight and gravity.

Patrick Slepica is a Berlin-based teacher, choreographer and dancer. Starting with circus arts and yoga, he arrived through “Laban-based Modern techniques” at contemporary dance with the speciality of contact improvisation. Over more then ten years he specialised in creating and trading costumes. After getting involved in the Ponderosa Festival at Stolzenhagen he became at the same time a member of the community project where he a.o. reconstructs a residential building. He got his state-certificate as dance-pedagogue at Lola Rogge Schule/Hamburg. His choreographic work and teaching led him to Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia.