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Emily Jeffries


Floor work and spatial awareness are the foundations of my class. Preparing the body for dynamic movement, the class begins with an emphasis on floor work. As the class continues, phrases and movements become more complex and physically demanding. It is a very physical class, and risk and personal movement choices are encouraged. Combinations rely on energy, form, and rhythm in order to move expansively through space. Spatial awareness and physicality act as a framework, guiding dancers to move safely in one’s body and throughout the room. While I provide an initial structure, content, and movement, the class is continually encouraged to find themselves within each sequence and make personal decisions. Through experiencing athletic movement, the body becomes available for many physical possibilities layered with personal intention.



Emily Jeffries is a Berlin-based dancer, choreographer and researcher. She utilizes language, movement, theory and research to explore the socio-political possibilities for transformation and embodiment of empathy in her performances. Her works are developed through a rich process of detailed practise-based research and have been seen throughout the USA, England, and Germany. Currently, her work pulls from philosophy and movement methodology.

Originally from the United States, her NYC performance credits include Cirque du Soleil, Anabella Lenzu, Oren Barnoy, Korhan Basaran, Judith Jacobs, Karesia Batan, and as a soloist with BalaSole Dance Company. Since relocating to Europe and receiving her Masters from The Place: London Contemporary Dance School, Emily has had the pleasure of working with Ira Demina, Maresa von Stockert, Tuan Ly, and Maria Nuganen among others.