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Iliana Kalapotharakou


Iliana's workshops are emphasizing on Contemporary Dance technique and Improvisation. The focus is on floor work practice, on the study of organic movement, flow and awareness. Technique is approached as a guide to efficient movement for the human body. The internal structure of the class is made to gradually deepen in the technique and develop through it. The main elements studied are:

-Floor Work: How it works.
Developing our relation to the floor through all movement levels, using multiple floor-work patterns and phrases. Using levers and clear pathways, building up a vocabulary that can be used in further understanding the mechanics of movement. From basic floor-work patterns to advanced, complicated ones, floor acrobatics, handstands, coordinations.

-Dynamics of movement.
Flow and organic movement. Study and use of weight, momentum, impulse, swing and flow of movement. Developing the body's kinetic intelligence. How grounding works, how to stay connected to the floor through the study of body structure (bones and joints), of weight and use of breath. Organic movement and its impact to the body, use of own body structure in the most efficient way.

-Connectivity practice. Spatial and body awareness.
Connectivity is studied both in terms of a fully connected moving body and of a mover in a state of full connection with his/her environment. How the body moves in its full awareness, connecting and interacting with its environment - the other people, the space, the floor- and its own inner state at the same time.

Spatial and body awareness, together with connectivity practice, helps to develop a unified physical and mental consciousness, thus a moving body in its full consciousness expressing itself in space and time. Fixed choreographed material as well as improvisation tasks are given throughout the class, challenging the dancers' technical growth and movement qualities practice, as well as inviting their performativity to an excess. The material is highly physical and classes often end up on a longer phrase practice, built from the accumulation of smaller ones, working also on physical strength, stamina and memory.

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Iliana Kalapotharakou is a Contemporary Dancer and an Electrical & Computer Engineer from Greece, graduated from the National School of Dance in Athens, Greece, from SEAD in Salzburg, Austria, and from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. Since 2014, Iliana is based in Berlin working as a freelancer dancer and teacher. She has collaborated with and performed for different choreographers / artists in Greece, Austria and Germany, such as Simone Forti, Corinna Spieth, Martin Nachbar, Mia Lawrence, Kristin Hjort-Inao, Akropoditi Dancetheater, and more. Her movement approach practices extensively floor work, floor acrobatics, partnering, elements from Flying Low & Passing Through technique, martial arts, Ido Portal method, as well as Contact Improvisation. Iliana is producing and directing her own performance projects in Berlin and is teaching Contemporary Dance and Improvisation since 2010 in Greece, Austria and Germany.

Photography © Menelaos Liondos www.liondos.gr, DAMP SHEETS 2017 / Jenny