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Diana Thielen


We're going to explore the principles of the Axis Syllabus and focus on the enquiry of Kinetic Energy.
Let's welcome the new year with fresh and powerful energy!

Diana Thielen received her diploma in contemporary dance techniques at the Salzburg Academy of Dance (SEAD) in Salzburg / Austria. During her time in Austria, she has come in touch with the Axis Syllabus, since 2012 she is in the teacher certification process. The growing community which is researching, collecting and evaluating information about anatomy, biomechanics and physics et al. is creating the Axis Syllabus lexicon to apply these findings in various movement disciplines. Since 2008 she teaches yoga and dance / improvisation and she is making a stab at breaking down the set esthetical ideas of it to replace it with the understanding and appreciation of the moving body in space.