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Arianna Rodeghiero

The class is a journey through which we will gradually prepare our body for moving, working on the release of the tensions in the muscles and on the opening of the joints.

The main concepts on which we will work are: the alignment of the bones, the support of the floor while you move, the connections and the transitions between each body parts. What is the potential that movement has already in itself? What I have to release and redirect in order to find a momentum, a link between the different movements, to then be able to connect the movement into the space, creating dynamic.
Everyday our body is different, our sensations through the body are different. For this reason, in the class, much importance is given to the physical listening of the body, starting from the warming up on the floor and then going on with choregraphical material.

Arianna Rodeghiero was born in Milan on the 05/04/86. Her artistic education begins with theater and music, then focuses more on contemporary dance. In 2009 she graduates in D.A.M.S University for Art Music and Show in Bologna. She always integrates dance with theater studies. She attends the professional course for contemporary dance Modem Atelier run by Compagnia Zappalà. She danced in different dance productions in Italy. Currently she lives in Berlin, studying and working with Laborgras under the direction of Renate Graziadei and Arthur Stäldi. She takes part as a dancer in the last production of Laborgras, Transition, presented in DOCK 11, Berlin. At the same time she started her own research, with collaborations with other artists. Among which is the collaboration with the sound artist Samuel Moncharmont an the dancer Mariagiulia Serantoni, with whom she creates the duo Tie-up presented in the festival Nah Dran, in Ada Studio. Her solo In between was presented in different spaces in Berlin, Ada Studio, Laborgras, Hau 3, and in Arnhem, Holland.