Vorherige Seite


Stefano Fardelli


This class is meant to combine intelligence and creativity, awareness and harmony, intuition and aesthetics. With an active mind, and through a moving body, we will explore the concepts of space, weight and fluidity, in order to find some functional dynamics and a deeper knowledge of our structure and unity.
While experimenting these concepts and clearing them by occasional and guided improvisations, we will also study some combinations and sequences which, through the use of gravity and ground, will let us enjoy new qualities of movement.
Leaving the memories of old experiences behind, the students will discover new ways of facing their techniques through different space levels – floor and more – without forgetting lightness and freedom.

Stefano Fardelli gets his degree at M.A.S. Accademy under Susanna Beltrami's artistic direction in Milan; he then continues his studies in other choreographic centers in Europe. Among his international collaborations the Berlin Opera, BBC, The Place, Royal Filand Opera, Les Gens d’Uterpan, English National Opera, Cie Twain etc..
Choreographer of "Chi sei?" for the Milan Conservatory in collaboration with the Brera Art Accademy. Creates his solo Svarupa-vyakta selected for international festivals (Anticorpi XL 2014 , Teatro Comunale in Ferrara 2014, Maidans Lorenskog Dance Festival 2015 in Norway, Exister 2015 in Milan, Huesca Theatre International Dance Festival 2015 in Spain etc….) and winner of the 2’ prize at Gdansk International Festival Solo Dance Contest 2014 in Poland. Author, choreographer and protagonist of the dance videos Day Off and Dear Sofia: the first video selected for international festivals (Spontaneous Combustion Festival 2013 in London, Footprint Dance Festival 2014 in London etc…) and winner of the Special Mention at Il Coreografo Elettronico 2011 in Naples, the second video opened the Gdansk International Festival 2015 in Poland and selected for the Official Selection International Videodance Festival of Chile 2015. Choreographer of Namu: the first studio of it has been commissioned by the Gdansk International Festival 2015 and danced by 10 dancers and 10 seniors with live music at the Gdansk International Festival in June 2015. The second studio of Namu has been commissioned by CRM, Accademia Nazionale Di Danza and Accademia Santa Cecilia of Rome.
In 2010 he works as an actor with Hollywood director Mike Figgis in England. In 2014 he debuts on the big screen in a leading role in L’Estate Sta Finendo movie. Protagonist in short films, works as a model, dancer for television, commercials and international videoclips in USA and Europe.
He teaches contemporary dance for professional dancers in all Europe and India for several centers including The Place, London Contemporary Accademy in London. In 2011 he is selected by the Italian Government among the young talents who will represent Italy in the world.