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Rosalind Masson

Class begins by listening and tuning in through the breath to help us release excess muscular tension. We then begin to explore movement connectivity by using the floor as a canvas for our weight. Important and useful connections such as head and tail, sitz bones to heels and peripheral/ central are activated. We explore multiple initiation points for movement and the relating body parts. Moving away from the floor we utilise core strength co-ordination and flexibility in relation to gravity and our skeleton. As movement begins to extend into space, we learn how to channel our energetic qualities for most efficient use of weight and flow in an unstable or labile place. Fully warmed up and connected, we go on to work with choreographic material. This material challenges our openness, resourcefulness and trust in our bodies’ own intelligence.

Rosalind Masson is a Scottish dancer, choreographer and teacher. Her choreography has been shown in the Traverse Theatre, Tramway, Edinburgh Fringe Festival at Dancebase, Universal Hall through Bodysurf Scotland,The Robin Howard Theatre, Roehampton University, DOCK 11 and Ada studios in Berlin. She is currently working as a dancer with LaborGras in Berlin.
Rosalind trained at London Contemporary Dance School gaining a BA (hons) and continued her studies at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, obtaining a MSc in Screendance. After graduating in 2008, she worked with Edinburgh based choreographer Merav Israel, practicing site-specific and improvisational movement. She then joined LaNua dance company for the creation of Enso, Reflections and the development of Avanim.
Long term collaborations include working with Glasgow based music maker Jer Reid and London based sound artist Jan Hendrickse. Recent collaborations involve working with other dance makers: Charlotte JarvisGiorgia Minisini on Triùir, Jack Webb with Quartet and Fernando Balsera for Zunkunfts Visionen in Goerlitz, Germany. Current inter- disciplinary projects include Away with the Birds with composer and visual artist Hanna Tuulikki.
In visual art Rosalind has performed in The Birth of Venus and Plaza Minuet at the ICA by Pablo Bronstein and in The Darktown Cakewalk by Linder Sterling. In film, she has worked behind and infront of the camera. With GOAT Media in The Time it Takes and also in the making of A Force of Nature - a documentary about the art of improvisation with Kirstie Simson.