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Blenard Azizaj


Blenard's dance classes and workshops addresses the "animal" instinct within us: Dynamic movements, sharpness, speed, forms assuming attack position.The class paints through dancing an imaginary landscape using the body's sensibility as a brush: Constantly constructing and de-constructing movement, roughening it up in order to refine it. By making it real. The warm up consists of small tasks build through improvisation to build a common energy. The state of mind becomes a state of body. The small tasks will slowly transform into a small. Stories and they will, in turn end up in a high energy dance combination: a complete narrative of mapping real movement.


Blenard Azizaj Was born in Albania
he studied at the National State School of Greece,
when he was graduated from there as dancer and dance teacher
He worked and collaborated:
*Sasha waltz&Guests (Berlin,Germany) Romeo&Juliet, Cintinu, Sacre
*Akram Khan company (London, England), (ITMOI)
*Montreal Danse Collaboration with StepText Dance Project (Montreal, Canada), (Bremen, Germany)
The Drift, Home,The Deseret
*Linga dance company (Lausanne, Switzerland), Remaping the Body, Additional Tones
*Hellenic dance company (Athens, Greece) Diavlus, Splinter In the Fleesh, Explosion

His career involves, touring and performing in big international dance festivals around the globe
Like in Following Countries: Germany, Montreal, London, Switzerland, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Usa (San Francisco), Quebec, Luxembourg Norway, Italy (Sicily, Sardinia, Bologna, Roma, Brescia,Torino) Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Ireland, West Africa, Senegal, Poland, France, Spain, Greece, Brussels,Serbia, Slovenia.

Blenard also has started his own direction on dance teaching, researching, creating and directing in Chorégraphy. His past personal works and co'creations were:

-Fleeting Feathers
A Chorégraphy piece which he created for the students of Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg/Holland in May -June 2015

A Chorégraphy that he Co created with Konan Dayot from the Conservatoire de Paris and
Helge Letonja from StepText Dance Project in Bremen
Created in Sicily / Italy May 2012.

Blenard was at teaching at

- Sasha Waltz&Guests ( Berlin)

-Toula Limaios Dance Company ( Berlin)

- Steptext dance company (Bemen)

- State School Of Dance Athens (Greece)

- TanzFabrik (Berlin)

- Marameo studio ( Berlin)

- Roberto Zapalla (Modem Atelier)

- Fontys dance Academy (Netherlands)

- Smash (Berlin)

- Dock11( Berlin)

- Motion Dance Studio (Berlin)

- Ljubjana dance theatre (Slovenia)

-Tel Aviv Dance Academy (Israel)

- Zagreb dance academy (Croatia)