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Opay L. Goldberg

An interactive performance, Workshops, Stage installation and Research

A session of Zooz begins with an active warm-up, to awaken and call out a physically tuned and aware body & mind. Although the warm-up is ultimately physical, integrating a variation of techniques and disciplines, this preliminary part of the class is used to aggregate a focusing intense mode of operation as groundwork for the next to come.
Then several scenes are created in which I propose tasks, questions and pointers.
The instructions essentially offer a direction and not a destination.
Every Scene acts as a mirror, reflecting the Energy, the Emotions and the Intensity of "real time performance"!!
This comes to serve a constant and interesting "Duet" between process and product.
Every Scene wishes to draw a line from a movement to the temporal content,moment by moment.

Zooz in Hebrew has a double meaning:it is the short verb, used to encourage motion in the world of forms, and also to describe the agility required to flow between experiences in a less visible, yet very real sense.

The work of Zooz is appropriate for the explorer as well as the professional.

Zooz Method
Dancers or people for whom DANCE is an Aspiration, Passion and Secret love,
Often ask deep Questions such as:

Where does substantial content come from and how does it embed itself in movement?
What is it that turns a moment, on and off stage, to a significant moment?
What drives motion?
How can a unique "signature" be created?
And how can qualities so difficult to define such as "space creator" or "mind traveler"
be achieved through training?
Can it be taught at all?...

Zooz investigates these questions and generates fresh iterations in relation to them,
Throughout the notion that it is mind that makes the physique untamed versatile and Rich.

The work aspires to offer dancers and all those who call for a mind-turn through body manifest,
a set of tools that will enable them to reach and touch the invisible matter of their inner worlds.
The participants are encouraged to tap into their own intelligence and emotions reaching to their mind's availability and fertility.

The work of Zooz suggests that substantial abilities such as these should not be dependent only on intuition at the grace of muse, but weaved into a dynamic operative map of opportunities and accessibilities.

Opay L. Goldberg
Born in Israel, Berlin based performer and teacher. Opay was privileged to launch her dance career as a student of YehuditArnon, at the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company.
Later she was invited by well-known Ballet Master, Richard Gibson, to his Ballet school in Palo-Alto California USA on full scholarship. Following that, she joined Bat-Dor Dance Company for ten years, participating in works of known choreographers such as: Jiri Kylian, Hans Van Manen, Paul Taylor Alvin Ailey and more. Opay travelled and preformed with the company all over the world.Following that she joined an experimental group which searched and preformed an interactive Total Dance-Theater and Mind Body interplay.
Opay preformed all over Israel with Solos as well as collaborations with other Artists.
In parallel to her performing work, Opay is teaching and coaching professional classes and more recently has concentrated on investigating, developing and establishing ‎the Zooz method for dance.