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Ellinor Kristina Ljungkvist


Ellinor is educated at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance and Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin. Her choreographies and teaching is based on an intertwining of these two educations and disciplines, contemporary dance and conceptual performance art.

Ellinor´s class focuses on finding out new principals to apply when dancing set movement choreographies as much as it incorporates fundamental elements from already established dance techniques. The class begins with smooth floor-work that evolves into faster and as well upright-standing dance choreographies. The choreographies are practiced to electronic music to generate energy and to get a bit groovy. Emphasis on both the physical as on the intellectual part is made in order to understand what one does when being in motion. The dancing is set in an environment where one can practice hen´s dancing both on an individual level as in a common group practice, differently put; raising spatial awareness while performing choreographed movements.

Ellinor Kristina Ljungkvist is born in Sweden. At the moment she work as a dancer and choreographer in Germany, Sweden and Austria. Ellinor holds a Diploma in Ballet and Contemporary Dance from Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance and a Bachelor in arts from Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin.

Ellinor has established the dance company and framework “Dance & Performance Art”, in which different projects such as performances, festival and workshops are realized. Through this format Ellinor has collaborated together with artists as Deufert&Plischke, Frédéric Gies, Anna Huber, Maayan Danoch, Marcela Giesche, Diana Thielen (Axis-Syllabus) and Jonas Engman (Teatermaskinen Riddarhyttan).

She is most known for her pieces “MOVE LIKE YOU HAVE A PURPOSE”, “TO CARRY ON A CONVERSATION”, “I DWELL UPON PEOPLE” and “TO CARRY A BITTER MEMORY”. The works has been presented at The New Theater Örebro, HAU3 Berlin, DOCK 11 EDEN Berlin, Tanzquartier Vienna, Uferstudios Berlin, Örebro Art Gallery Sweden, Theatre Skorohod Saint Petersburg, Festival Tanz im August, Tanznacht Berlin, Akademie der Künste, Kunstraum Pro Arte and Schmiede Media and Art Festival Austria.

Ellinor was given the scholarship Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes Berlin in 2013 after awards and scholarships such as Podium 08 Salzburg Kultur Land, Örebro Cultural Price, Adolf Lindgren and Per Eriksson Scholarship between 2008 – 2012.