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Andreas Rama


The class makes focus on sharing ways of using always the maximum of our eyes as a observer to carry us in space in a 3D motion. Sharing dynamics-momentums of moving fast into and across the floor with risks taking. Using the breath as a cordinator of the flow. Playing with the movements is a challenge of risk taking for each moment, both physically and performatively. The class is influenced from Reflexology, Flying Low technic & in his personal research.

Andrea Dorian Rama was born in Albania and has graduated from the National Contemporary School of Dance in Athens. He colaborated with contemporary dance artists & theater directors such as Sasha Waltz & Guests, Anton Lachky, Fang-Yu Shen(Scapino ballet house choreo), MS Schittmacher, Roes, Massimo Gerardi, Aladino R. Blanca, Antzela Brouskou, Gianni Kaklea, K. Rigo etc. The Belgian Choreographer Wim Vandekeybus invited him as a dance artist for a prestigious research project in 2014. Andrea is teaching regularly classes-workshops for professional dancers in Germany, Belgium, National Choreographic Center of Luxemburg, Nanine Linning Dance Company (Theater Heildelberg), Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Greece & an invited dance artist in David's Zambranos workshops. Last 4 years together with Xenia Alexandrou, they are the founders of Porson's Khashoggi dance company with being interesting what new dance forms can bring in front or in the back of the audience. Their Last creation 'Zeno & Nero' has been presented in Germany (Berlin, Karlsruhe), Luxembourg, Poland & Greece.

Foto: Ras Oleg