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Andre Soares


I am here to propose a get-togetherness, a move-with, a reciprocal holding of the unknown in body frequencies. A stand just enough time for the interval to shape itself into an and, a relation, a reciprocal communication in the present moment combining different techniques for dancing now: a have with that grows and propagates itself as an environment, a territory for the encounter: a common place but not a common sense.
What distinguishes a class from another isn’t the evolutional scale of difficulty (as it happens in pedagogical disciplines for instance) but the alteration of the intensity experienced by the participant through permanence, insistence and duration. I thus propose to take a position and to share it through co(m)-position and improvisation, in encountering mode: out of this experience we will aim to extract a way to be.
Minimum condition: finding the event and arriving just on the moment; disarmed of previous answers, available to catch in the obvious the emergency of another question. To deactivate the expectation and all its doubles- desires of control and manipulation- that usually make us arrive too early to knowledge and too late to know the edge of the body (sound, light, space, matter). To activate a state of mayhapness, a stand by that thickens more and more every time we engage ourselves in a more reciprocal estimation, in an openness to the accident that is within an exercise, a phase of movement or the others.
THEME: how to move together mixed techniques (body weather, contemporary dance, breath exercises, real time composition, draw, massage, releasing, sharing personal experiences)
I am here to propose classes is an investigation and improvisation practice, a collective creation of common (in)visible landscapes coming from the encounter between the InWitheOut research developed by the designer|performer André Soares as a tool for situated performance and creation trough presence, body and time|space in THE MOMENT: a mode of relation, mayhapness substitutes the prevailing of the subject, control and manipulation, for an ethic of sufficient handling that transfers the focus to the event emergence. At the class, trough physical contact, movement, guide improvisation, voice and setting exercises we try to de-activate the dimensions of predetermination and conditioning in order to find flexibility in each one way to engage dance practice. In order to share the modes of operating common movement – both outside and inside art – we invest in a work of constant attention to transform what is normally felt as resistance into (re)existence. Sharing, while proposing dimension of reality and also the capacity to bear and sustain an ethic of living together, which isn’t pre-established but generated collectively and through presence (body, voice, physicality…) in the very act of the encounter. I propose to try to replace expectation with waiting, certainty with trust, complaint with commitment, accusation with participation, rigidity with rigor, avoidance with attendance, competition with cooperation, efficacy with sufficiency, the necessary with the precisely needed, conditioning with condition, power with force, abuse with use, manipulation with handling, discarding with repairing, pretending with being.

Andre Soares
Independent artist, dancer and researcher working in choreography and performance, born in Portugal in 1981. He has MA and BA in Industrial Design and BA in Contemporary Dance. Since 2002 he has been having formation on dance. In 2008 he had the opportunity to meet and work with Pina Bausch’s Company, in MarzurkaFogo at CCB. In 2009 presented the solos Glass by RuiHorta and recreated O Rei no Exilio with Francisco Camacho and performed in BonsSentimentos, MausSentimentos by Vera Mantero. Concluded the studies program of creation and choreographic research, PEPCC at Forum Dança. Had the possibility to learn, work and be with professionals from different areas of design, creation, dance and theatre as Fernando Brizio, JoãoTabarra, José Gil, André Lepecki, AméliaBentes, JoãoFiadeiro, Francisco Camacho, RuiHorta, Vera Mantero, Lisa Nelson, Mark Tompkins, Meg Stuart, Minako Seki, Fabian Chyle, Elias Cohen Braumuller, HelenaWaldmannamong others. In Berlin finished a post-graduation on physical dance theatre at the Berlin Post School with Tanzfabrik, in 2010. Since 2010 he is based in Berlin and collaborates with the COAC Company | Fabian Chyle(2010 Shaulaufen, 2012 Platzregen_ProjectH at ECLAT Festival NeueMusik | Theaterhaus, Stuttgart). Is collaborating also with K2 _Freiburg( 2011 performed Being Best with Stephany Moers and 2012 Shicht with Oliver Lange). He is a cofounder and member of the Flocks and Shoals collective. Collaborated with Helena Waldman in Glukstuk that premiered in 2011 in Berlin at RadialSistem, in tour until 2013. During all of these years, he has been giving some workshops|classes as well developed his own pieces as Ar, um género de café com açúcar, ¿género, M, o que é queliga um serhumanoa outro serhumano?, all gates open, Monstro, in Lisbon and Habitaculum, inwitheout#organisms, half douzen billion others in Berlin. In 2012 created what the body knows that we don’t know? with Catarina Gonçalvespremiered in July at DOCK 11 (Berlin), collaborated in Amenta at DOCK 11 (Berlin) ZDB (Lisbon) Andaime (Porto), and Mikrologie der Krise with Flocks & Shoals at Hoftheater (Berlin).In 2013 created RAM MAN a wild sheep dance, a solo piece premiered at DOCK 11, assisted creation in Tzunamismo:recital para duascordasem M to Elisabete Francisca in Culturgest, Lisbon, also did dramaturgy and direction for invisible roads with LauraHeinecke at Fabrik Potsdam.

Web site www.inwhiteout.tumblr.com
Videos http://vimeo.com/inwhiteout
Collective http://flocksandshoals.blogspot.com